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1kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

1kVA rated UPS systems available from Server Room Environments include line interactive and on-line uninterruptible power supply systems. UPS rated at 1000VA will have a different output Watts rating dependent upon the Power Factor used by the UPS manufacturer. Please check the individual products for their kW rating. The output connections can be plug and play or hardwired dependent on the model which can be available in free standing tower or 19inch rack mount formats with options for extended battery runtimes. The UPS have tower or rack mount or a dual installation format and are designed to protect workstations, servers and IT network peripherals including Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The UPS have IEC-type output sockets as standard.

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1kVA Power Connections, Output Sockets and Mains Power Cords

A 1kVA (1000VA) UPS will typically have IEC320 C13 outlets on the rear panel. These may be grouped into two different groups to allow load shedding during a power outage, to increase the amount of battery support time available from a smaller load.

The UPS may be supplied with 1 or two IEC320 to IEC320 power cords. A mains power power cord will connect the UPS to a mains power supply using a in the UK a BS1363 3 square pin plug. 1000VA UPS for hardwired connection are available on application.

For the UPS power connections refer to the product specifications section of each product.

1000VA UPS Battery Runtimes

A 1kVA UPS will have an internal battery. Some of these UPS have an external battery pack connector for longer runtimes. The amount of battery runtime available is dependent upon the load placed onto the UPS and the age, battery charge % and ambient environment.

For the UPS battery runtume refer to the product specifications section of each product or contact us for a project specific quotation.

1kVA UPS Sizing and Single Phase Power Supplies

The standard UK single phase mains power supply voltage in the UK is 230Vac 50Hz. 1kVA = 1000VA which on a 230Vac supply means that a 1kVA UPS will be able to supply 4.35Amps in total (230Vx4.347Amps=1000VA). If you are sizing your UPS load in Watts or kW (1000Watts), the UPS should be suitably rated. A 1kVA UPS may be rated at unity power factor (1PF) which means that the UPS can supply 1kVA/1kW of load. If the power factor is less (typically 0.9 or 0.8) then the Watt load should not exceed 900W or 800W etc.

1kVA UPS Installation Checklist

This is not an exhaustive list but provides some general check points when preparing to install a 3000VA uninterruptible power supply.

  • Calculate the actual load to be connected to the UPS. Formula Volts x Amps = VA or kVA.
  • How many output sockets are required and their type? 10A C13 or 16 C19 or hardwired.
  • Estimate the amount of battery back up time required. 5-10 minutes should be sufficient for an orderly systems shutdown and longer may require additional battery extension packs if the critical loads are to run for longer. For an IP connection a UPS SNMP card will be required.
  • Rack mount or Tower format. If a rack UPS is required calculate the U-height that the UPS will take up in a server cabinet (including additional battery extension packs) and note the maximum depth of the UPS system as you will require a server cabinet that can accommodate this.
  • UPS preventative maintenance planning. Will you need a UPS maintenance bypass to allow the UPS to be isolated without disruption to the connected critical loads.
  • UPS warranty and maintenance contracts. Warranties vary from 24months to 36 and longer. A UPS maintenance contract will provide emergency cover with a callout within a set working hours time or next day or a clock hour basis, and the contract should include an annual preventative maintenance plan.

Server Room Environments provides a complete project managed service including UPS site surveys, turn-key systems including PDUs (power distribution), UPS maintenance bypasses, network interfaces for remote monitoring, standby power generators for extended backup times, UPS installation and maintenance contracts.

Please contact our projects team for further information or see our 1000VA rated UPS systems.


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