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120kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

120kVA UPS systems for server rooms, datacentres and other critical environments. The UPS are rated at 120kVA and their kW-rating will vary depending on their output power factor. Monoblock UPS can be operated in a parallel/redundant N+X configuration to provide additional resilience. Modular UPS systems can be extended to the full capacity of their frames of supplied with modules arranged to achieve N+X scalability or redundancy. Battery sets are supplied in external battery cabinets or racks for a range of runtimes and can be configured using sealed lead acid maintenance free or lithium-ion batteries. Transformerless UPS will have high operating efficiencies and transformer-based systems will be suitable for industrial UPS applications. Customisation and bespoke options are avaialble for harsh environments.

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Standby Power Generators

The installation of a local standby power generator can be used to provide a 120kVA UPS with additional runtime up to 8 hours or more using a stored energy source including diesel or liquid petroleum gas. The generator and alternator will need to be sized for the UPS with a typical recommendation of 1.25 times the size of the UPS system.

Lead acid battery sets can also be sized for long runtime applications up to several hours with an appropriately sized charging capacity from the UPS rectifier or an external charger.

Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems

Some 120kVA rated UPS systems are designed to operate with both lead acid and/or lithium battery sets. With a lithium-ion battery, the uninterruptible power supply can operate as an energy storage system using locally generated renewable power sources or off-peak mains to charge the lithium battery set.

UPS Remote Monitoring

UPS systems can be monitored over a local IP network or remotely through a service centre UPS monitoring software. 24/7 remote monitoring also includes diagnostics and timed reports and can speed up response plans to alarm conditions.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

Maintenance contracts and service plans are available including annual preventative maintenance visits, either one per year or two per year. The contracts include technical support, parts (excluding consumables), labour and emergency response call outs at 4 clock hours, 8 working or 12 working hours.

Tranformerless and Transformer-based UPS Systems

Transformerless UPS operate can operate at high operating efficiencies over a wide load range (down to 25% typically) and are designed for server room and datacentre environments. Transformer-based UPS are designed to protect critical IT and industrial loads in harsher electrical environments and where there is more extreme power pollution requiring a Galvanic isolation solution. Where isolation is required, transformerless UPS can be installed with an additional isolation transformer.

UPS Brand Range Design
Borri INGENIO PLUS Transformerless
Borri B9000FXS Transformer-based

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