SRE Reward Points

SRE Reward Points

Reward Points provide Server Room Environments with a way to say ‘Thank you’ for placing your business with us.

The Reward Points program provides extra discount that can be used on your next online order or be put towards an Amazon eVoucher.

If you do not want an Amazon eVoucher you can ask Server Room Environments to make a cash equivalent donation as part of our Carbon Offset program.

Reward Point Values

Examples of the points and their monetary value are shown in the table below:

Order Value SRE Reward Points Monetary Value
£50 25 £1.25
£250 125 £6.25
£500 250 £12.50
£1,000 500 £25
£2,000 1000 £50
£3,000 1500 £75
£4,000 2000 £100
£5,000 2500 £125

The order value is calculated to include goods and delivery but exclude VAT.
There is no cap on the size of online order that can accumulate Reward Points and the points are award pro-rata.

Amazon eVouchers

Amazon eVouchers are available in £10, £15, £20, £25 and £30 denominations.

Terms and Conditions

Server Room Environments reserves the right to amend, cancel or change any aspect of the SRE Reward Points program at any time and without prior notice. The following additional terms and conditions apply:

  1. Where a product offers Reward Points these are shown on the product page.
  2. Product related Reward Points can vary from product to product.
  3. Reward Points are automatically added to your MySRE account on completion of the checkout process.
  4. Reward Points are only available for UK online orders and can be stored for up to five years.
  5. You can check your MySRE account for your Rewards Points total and allocation per online order.
  6. Reward Points can only be redeemed during the checkout process up to the value accumulated.
  7. If an order is cancelled/returned the Reward Points are deducted from the account total and cannot be claimed.
  8. Reward Points redeemed as a discount are treated as an additional cash with order discount
  9. No other cash equivalent is offered for Reward Points.
  10. Amazon eVouchers are sent out via email to the account email address within 5 days of request.
  11. If you request a Carbon Offset program donation Server Room Environments will confirm this spend with you via email.
  12. Where Reward Points lead to the issuing of an Amazon eVoucher it is up to the individual receiving the eVoucher to declare any tax liability to their tax authority. Server Room Environments does not bear any tax liability for the eVouchers provided.

Server Room Environments standard Sales Terms and Conditions apply.

Please contact us know if you need further information.