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Whatever the product solution you need we can supply it. We have an extensive range of goods in stock ready to deliver on a next day basis with others manufactured to order by our suppliers including bespoke solutions.

Enterprise and Co-location Datacentre Services

Server Room Environments is more than a ‘fit-and-forget’ company. We provide a wide range of pre and post-sale services all carried out by certified personnel including audits and consultancy, new build projects, system upgrades and refurbishments.

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How to Choose Between Data Centre UPS Battery Types

Within any power protection system, the type of battery installed can critically impact on the overall performance of the uninterruptoble power supply. Aside from different battery brands, sizes, performance specifications and design lives, there are different technologies including valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and lithium-ion. Whichever is selected, the battery installation must be reliable and cost-effective if it is to provide sufficient power to the UPS system when required and provide the best possible Total Cost of Ownership.

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How to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Your Datacentre UPS

The energy efficiency of your datacentre UPS is important for two critical reasons. The first is running costs and the second is related to the battery runtime available when the mains power supply fails. An undersized UPS is often immediately obvious as load is applied on start-up but may not always be so. Intermittent overloading can occur if there is marginal capacity for extra load. Oversizing can also be an issue, whilst providing what can prove to be a false sense of security.

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How to Install Server Room and Rack Level Monitoring Systems

There are several good reasons for monitoring a server room or datacentre for temperature and humidity, but should you place sensors and detectors at the server rack or room level and just how many sensors is the right number?

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How to Select A Server Room Monitoring System

Rising cooling requirements are a common problem faced by many organisations as they adopt the latest server technologies, including high power computing. The higher the power draw of the latest servers the greater the need for air conditioning as their kW power draw adds an equal demand to the size of the air conditioning required. Edge Computing and micro data centres add another layer of complexity to the need for a dedicated remote environmental monitoring system.

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Server Room Solutions

Cloud, Edge Computing, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are rapidly changing the demands placed on server rooms and datacentres. The team at Server Room Environments can help you meet these challenges using the latest cooling technologies and power protection products. We have over 35 years of experience working with server room and datacentre clients across many industries.

View our products to buy online or contact us for a free site survey, budget proposal or general advice on how we can help with your next server room or datacentre project.

Datacentre design, build & maintenance

Server Room Environments are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of critical infrastructure for server rooms and datacentres. We have over 35 years’ experience in this rapidly evolving market place and work across the UK, Eire and overseas.

We provide a complete range of solutions and services including ‘turn-key’ systems. Our team includes cooling, energy efficiency and power protection experts with proven track records of  delivering server room and datacentre projects across many different industries.

Server Room Environments works with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. This ensures that we are independent and can provide the right critical infrastructure solution for your environment. Typical projects include new builds, system upgrades, maintenance, end-of-life disposals and recycling.

The product portfolio from Server Room Environments continues to grow to meet the demands of our growing client base. We supply solutions, accessories and spares. Our product ranges include: server racks and cabinets, access security, network data cabling panels, UPS systems, PDUs and generators, remote temperature and humidity monitors, fire suppression, lighting, air conditioners and cooling infrastructure systems. Our services cover mechanical and electrical contracting works, equipment installation, maintenance contracts and emergency response plans.

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Let us show you how to reduce your datacentre operational costs and improve the resilience of your server room environment.

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