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Specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of critical systems for office IT networks, comms rooms, server rooms and data centres. We operate across the UK with our engineers supporting a range of market leading cooling, backup power protection, energy management, fire protection, environment monitoring, server cabinets and rack power distribution solutions. Call or email us for any information or support you need. We are open Monday to Friday 08:30 to 18:00, with 24/7 service for maintenance contract clients.


Products to Monitor and Protect Your Server Room

Whatever the comms room or server room solution you need we can supply it. We have an extensive range of products in stock ready to deliver on a next day basis with others manufactured to order by our server room network suppliers including bespoke solutions.

Data Centre Audits, Installation and Maintenance Services

Server Room Environments is more than a ‘fit-and-forget’ company. We provide a wide range of pre and post-sale services, all carried out by certified personnel including audits and consultancy, server room design, new build projects, system upgrades, maintenance, refurbishments and server room security.

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Installing Warehouse Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Solutions
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Fulfilment and warehouse distribution centres are critical to the successful operation of any ecommerce and distribution-based business. Computer and automation systems play a vital role to such organisations, with most having temperature, humidity and water leakage monitoring system within their server rooms or data centres. It can be as important to extend these monitoring systems to include the stores and distribution areas within their supply chains. Failure to monitor warehouses can lead to unexpected disruption to operations and losses in the form of damage to stock and inventory caused by poor temperature controls, a build-up of humidity and water leakage.

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Selecting Lithium-ion UPS for Healthcare Applications
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Over the last two years, organisations have been deploying their business continuity plans. Whilst in the UK, they may now be reverting to a new normal, their business, operational and technology strategies are far more intertwined than before the pandemic. No more so than in the healthcare industry, where we are seeing greater interest in lithium-ion battery UPS systems.

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How to Select Environmental Monitoring Sensors for a Data Centre EMS
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Data centres and server rooms are dynamic environments. A ‘steady-state’ of operation is not always achievable due to server utilisation, environmental factors, planned maintenance, system downtime and emergencies. Smaller data centres and server rooms tend to have less investment in redundant systems and can be more susceptible to outages caused by a critical system failure or sudden changes in their operating environment.

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Which Data Centre Systems Require Regular Maintenance?
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The infrastructure systems within a server room or data centre are classed as either critical, essential or non-essential. The three most common critical infrastructure systems are power, cooling and fire suppression, followed by environmental monitoring and security systems. Regular inspections and preventative maintenance are required to ensure that these infrastructure systems are reliable and available 24/7.

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Server Room Solutions to Monitor and Protect Your Servers

Cloud, Edge Computing, Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are rapidly changing the demands placed on organisations and their IT networks. Our projects team can help you meet these challenges with the latest server room products and services. We have over 35 years of experience working with server room and data centre clients across many industries. View our products and services available, available to buy online or contact us for a free site survey, budget proposal or general advice on how we can help with your next server room or data centre project.

Data Centre Design, Build & Maintenance

Server Room Environments are specialists in the design, installation and maintenance of critical infrastructure systems. We have over 35 years’ experience in this ever evolving market place and work across the UK, Eire and overseas.

We provide a complete range of solutions and services including ‘turn-key’ systems. Our team includes cooling, energy efficiency and power protection experts with proven track records of delivering projects across many different industries. We also provide data centre maintenance services.

Server Room Environments works with many of the industry’s leading manufacturers. This ensures that we are independent and can provide the right critical infrastructure solution for your environment. Typical projects include data centre design services, new builds, system upgrades, maintenance, end-of-life disposals and recycling.

Our product portfolio continues to grow to meet the demands of our growing client base. We supply solutions, accessories and spares. Our product ranges include: racks and data cabinets, access security, network data cabling panels, UPS systems, PDUs and generators, remote temperature and humidity monitors, fire suppression, lighting, air conditioners and cooling infrastructure systems. Our services cover mechanical and electrical contracting works, equipment installation, maintenance contracts and emergency response plans.

Call the Server Room Environments team on 0800 030 6838 or complete our enquiry form for a free site survey. Let us show you how to reduce your data centre operational costs and improve the resilience of your server room environment.

SRE Accreditations and Certifications

Server Room Environments – Business Critical Engineering Systems

What is a Server Room?

The term server room is used to describe a secure and managed environment within a building in which to run IT servers, storage, and networking devices. The rooms may be referred to as a computer room, server room or data centre. A secure and managed environment includes critical power and cooling as the two primary systems required to keep IT running.

Power covers the use of uninterruptible power supplies, standby generators, PDUs and energy storage. Cooling refers to the use of air conditioning (wall mounted, in-row, air handling units, hot and cold aisles) and other cooling systems to maintain a suitable room temperature and humidity. Fire suppression is another critical system and can be rack mounted or installed as a complete room protection system.

A controlled environment uses environment monitoring systems to monitor environmental information within the room. Sensors can gather data on temperature, humidity, water leakage, air flow, smoke, fire, rack access and security. When measured parameters go outside a pre-set level, environment monitors can send alerts to network and IT managers, and facilities engineers via email and SMS text alerts.

Other major build components within a server room include flooring which should be anti-static and may include a raised access floor to provide cable management and cooling, server racks and data cabinets to house IT devices and peripherals, room and rack access control, CCTV monitoring, LED and emergency lighting.

A data centre is a building dedicated to providing all the facilities and services required to provide a secure and managed environment for servers and their supporting facilities. Data centre types include enterprise data centres, run on-premises for a company, colocation – colo facilities where the data centre provides Cloud hosting in the form of computer space, racks, dedicated rooms and data halls, and containerised and micro data centres for Edge deployments. A data centre server requires a secure and managed environment to ensure it is safely cooled and powered in order to prevent downtime and service disruption.