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UPS Systems

Power protection like cooling is one of the most critical infrastructure decisions you can make for your server room or datacentre. Server Room Environments supplies a wide range of power protection solutions and can supply a one-off UPS system or design, install and commission a compete power protection package including an uninterruptible power supply, power distribution units, server room battery backup systems and standby power generator. We also provide a complete 24/7 UPS maintenance and support service with a range of UPS maintenance contracts, emergency call-out and preventative maintenance visits.

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Single Phase UPS Systems

Our single phase UPS have a single phase output and are available from 350VA to 20kVA. Within our single phase uninterruptible power supplies ranges we can supply:

  • Desktop and wall mount UPS systems
  • Floor standing tower and 19inch rack mount UPS
  • Extended runtime battery packs up to 7 hours or more
  • UPS maintenance bypass switches
  • SNMP/Modbus network interfaces
  • UPS monitoring and control shutdown software packages

Our single phase UPS range includes: standby UPS, line interactive and on-line systems. Dependent upon the single phase UPS type, the UPS may have a single phase input or a three phase input. A 3/1 or 1/1 configuration can generally be set-up on installation.

Three Phase UPS Systems

Our three phase UPS run from 10kVA to 1MW and include different technologies including transformer-based for industrial UPS applications, transformerless and modular UPS systems. Our three phase UPS systems typically run at 95% or greater efficiency in on-line mode with 98-99% efficiency achievable in eco-mode operation.

Modular uninterruptible power supplies are one of the fastest growing areas in power protection and are ideal for continuous and resilient power supplies within server rooms and datacentres. Modular UPS can be configured to provide an N+X level of power resilience through the use of an additional power module. Dependent on the UPS manufacturer we recommend, modules can be rated from 10-50kVA with frame sizes that can take up to 3-12 or more power modules.

UPS Installation and Relocation Projects

Server Room Environments provides a complete UPS installations projects service. From an initial site survey we assess your site on a range of factors covering logistics and access permits, electrical works, load requirements, footprint space and ambient temperatures, network interfaces, energy storage system preference (VRLA batteries, lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells or flywheels), standby power arrangements (long battery runtime or standby generator), on-site working times, installation dates/times, UPS maintenance requirements, removal of existing UPS systems, environmental and health & safety requirements. We then prepare a fully costed quotation and can provide arrange third-party financing in the form of leasing if required. We can use our own in-house teams for the electrical works and interface cabling or work with your own or other third-party subcontractors and consultants for any given site.
UPS Maintenance and Battery Replacement

As part of our service and maintenance packages Server Room Environments can also provide UPS maintenance contracts and battery testing and replacement services. Our UPS maintenance contracts range in the levels of service and response times required. The fastest response time can be within 4 clock hours and we can include one or two preventative UPS maintenance visits per year.

We undertake maintenance work and service inspections on many third-party supplied UPS systems including battery testing and replacement. Our battery testing service can be purchased as a one-off service whereby one of our engineers will use a hand-held battery testing device to analyse the conductance and impedance characteristics of an existing battery set before making a recommendation report. Regular testing (annual recommended) of each individual battery within a UPS battery set can help to extend the working life of the battery set and identify early failures.

As part of our UPS battery services we also provide a complete replacement service working with many leading VRLA (valve-regulated lead acid) battery manufacturers. This includes full removal and environmental disposal. Other battery types available from Server Room Environments include lithium-ion batteries which can be more suited where the uninterruptible power supply is to be used as a regular energy storage system.

Server Room Environments also supplies battery replacement kits. These can be ordered on-line from our website and delivered to site. The replaced UPS batteries can be packaged and returned back to our recycling centre for ec-friendly disposal.

Static Transfer Switches

Static Transfer Switches (STS) provide an additional level of resilience to the critical power path within a server room or datacentre environment. An STS can have two AC power sources (A and B) and automatically selects an available source from which to power the connected loads. The two sources can be two mains power supplies, two UPS systems or a mixture of the two. An STS is typically a 19inch rackmount device making it ideal for server cabinets. Sometimes an STS is referred to as an ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch). The functionality is the same but with an ATS there may be a small break in supply (similar to that of a line interactive UPS) when switching between the A and B power sources.

Power Distribution Units (PDUs)

PDUs provide power from the UPS to the connected loads and are commonly used within server cabinets. At Server Room Environments we supply both AC and DC output PDUs in vertical and horizontal formats and with a range of socket outlets and features including remote monitoring and control. The most advanced and intelligent PDUs we supply feature energy metering (kWh, kVA, kW, Volts and Amps) and remote socket reboot and power-off control.
Energy Metering

In any server room or datacentre environment, energy efficiency is a key metric and one that may be measured using ratios such as PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness). As part of a power protection installation, Server Room Environments can install intelligent energy meters to help monitor and report on energy usage within the IT environment.