500VA UPS Prices and Specifications

500VA rated UPS from Server Room Environments including line interactive and standby uninterruptible power supplies. The output connections are typically plug and play sockets. Please refer to the specification for each UPS model or contact us for further information. The UPS have tower or desktop or a dual format and are designed to protect workstations, servers and IT network peripherals including Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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Output Sockets and Mains Power Leads

500VA UPS typically have IEC type sockets and a plug-in socket power strip or power distribution unit can be used to provide additional sockets provided the overall rating of power drawn does not exceed the maximum allowed per IEC socket.

UPS 500VA Batteries

The batteries in the UPS will be valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and maintenance free with a design life of 5 years. In practice this will mean a battery working life of 3-4 years after which they will require replacement.

The working life of the UPS battery is determined several factors including the ambient temperature the system is used within. The recommended ambient temperature is 20-25˚C. For each one degree rise about 30˚C the design life will halve. The batteries may be user replaceable and replacement UPS battery kits are available from Server Room Environments.

Remote Monitoring

This size of UPS typically has an RS232/USB port. This allows the UPS to be connected to UPS monitoring and control software which can be used to display operating information and shutdown the protected computer and server load automatically during long power outages. Signal contacts can provide inputs to automate remote functions. The contacts may be opto-isolators or volt-free. Please refer to the individual product specifications.


The typical warranty period is 24-36 months (2-3 years) and for some models this can be extended to 5 years for an extra premium.