40kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

40kVA rated UPS systems for server rooms, datacentres and other critical environments. The UPS are rated at 40kVA and their kW-rating will vary depending on their output power factor. Monoblock UPS can be operated in a parallel/redundant N+X configuration to provide additional resilience. Modular UPS if available are shown with by their UPS frame sizes. Battery runtime options may include internal battery sets and external battery cabinets and racks for longer runtimes.

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Electrical Installations

Server Room Environments provides a complete electrical installation service for 40kVA/40kW rated UPS systems by NICEIC certified electrical contractors. The installation service covers every aspect you could need in a UPS installation.

Standby Power Generators

The installation of a local standby power generator can be used to provide a 40kVA/40kW UPS with additional runtime up to 8 hours or more using a stored energy source including diesel or liquid petroleum gas. The generator and alternator will need to be sized for the UPS with a typical recommendation of 1.25 times the size of the UPS system.

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