15kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

UPS systems rated at 15kVA including single phase and three phase outputs for the protection of server rooms and small datacentres. The UPS kW-rating will vary depending on the output power factor of the UPS. The input and output connections will be hardwired via terminal blocks. The UPS batteries may be internal with options for external battery extension cabinets for additional back-up time.

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Electrical Installations

Server Room Environments provides a complete electrical installation service for 15kVA rated UPS systems by NICEIC certified electrical contractors. The installation service covers every aspect you could need in a UPS installation including:

  • Electrical Site Survey: to assess the electrical infrastructure and advise on any necessary electrical works to upgrade prior to the installation of a UPS system. This includes checking wiring and circuit breaker sizes, distribution arrangements and discrimination for fault clearance.
  • External UPS Bypass Switches: a maintenance bypass switch allows your UPS to be serviced without disruption to the connected load(s). Your UPS system may include an internal maintenance bypass switch. An external UPS bypass allows the system to be fully powered down and removed without load disruption. Bypass arrangements can be configured for single or parallel/redundant configurations.
  • Electrical Site Survey: on-site battery build may be necessary for UPS extended runtimes where the weights of the batteries or size of the cabinet are two large for delivery as a standard unit. The electrical installations team can provide full onsite battery builds using DC certified and trained engineers.
  • Server Rack Power Distribution: another key aspect of the installation of an uninterruptible power supply is distribution of the protected power from the output of the UPS to the load(s). The electrical installation will include distribution arrangements as required. This can include power cords with Commando type sockets run from a wall mounted sub-distribution board to each server cabinet into which a power distribution unit can be connected, to overhead cable trays and trunking, and any extra sockets or hardwired outlets required within the facility.
  • Remote Monitoring: your UPS system will most likely be connected to the local IP network for remote monitoring and control. The electrical installations team can provide IP sockets and cabling as required for the network connection.
  • Commissioning: commissioning is completed by a UPS manufacturer certified UPS engineer. If required, our electrical installation teams will arrange for load banks if site acceptance testing (SAT) is specified.

Transformerless and Transformer-based UPS Systems

Transformerless UPS operate can operate at high operating efficiencies over a wide load range (down to 25% typically) and are designed for server room and datacentre environments. Where Galvanic isolation is required the UPS can be installed with a separate isolation transformer in a side cabinet. Transformer-based UPS include a Galvanically isolating transformer as part of their design and are constructed for harsher electrical and more industrial environments.

UPS Brand Range Design
CertaUPS C800 Transformerless
Borri B8000FXS Transformer-based

Transformerless systems are more suited to server rooms and datacentres. Transformer-based UPS are designed for harsher electrical environments including industrial application protection.

UPS Battery Runtime Options

UPS battery runtime is dependent upon several factors including load size, battery charge percentage, battery age and ambient temperature. Our project managers can provide a calculated battery back-up time for your load and UPS system. The standard UPS battery is a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) type with options for lithium-ion batteries available.

For more information or to arrange a site survey please contact our projects team.