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Three Phase UPS Systems / 3 Phase UPS including 3/3 and 3/1 outputs

Our comprehensive range of 3 phase uninterruptible power supply solutions are meticulously designed for server rooms and data centre applications, starting from 10kVA. Our portfolio includes advanced three phase UPS systems, ensuring seamless 3-phase input and output (3/3) alongside versatile 3-phase in, 1-phase out (3/1) models to cater to diverse power requirements.

Our 3 phase UPS lineup is equipped with either internal UPS batteries or external battery cabinets, providing flexible installation options to suit any site assembly needs. Each UPS, whether it is a Multi Modular or Monoblock power system, is engineered for optimal performance. These systems offer parallel and redundant (N+X) architectures, crucial for enhancing resilience and meeting the rigorous Tier-rating standards essential for high-demand data centres and server room environments.

Particularly, our 3 phase industrial UPS systems stand out for their robustness and reliability. They are an ideal choice for safeguarding critical IT networks, communication rooms, and server infrastructure against power disruptions. By integrating the latest in UPS technology, our 3 phase in 3 phase out and 3 phase in 1 phase out UPS solutions guarantee not just power continuity, but also efficiency and scalability, adapting to the evolving needs of sophisticated technical environments.

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What is a 3Phase Power Supply?

A 3phase power supply consists of a three-wire AC power circuits with each phase 120degrees apart. The three phases that make up the circuit are 230Vac, 50Hz and the UK’s 3phase mains power supply voltage is 400Vac, 50Hz. When sizing a UPS system, it is important to define whether the 3phase rating is per phase or the overall sizing required. A 3phase 30kVA UPS consists of 3×10kVA UPS supplies. If the supplies were 30kVA per phase, then the total size of the 3phase UPS would be 3×30kVA=90kVA. The same calculation can be applied to Amps per phase but in this case the total size is AmpsPahase1x230 + AmpsPhase2x230 + AmpPhase3x230. Watts per phase can also be added to calculate the overall size of the UPS power supply system. For example, 10kW + 10kW + 10kW = 30kW 3phase UPS system. Most industrial, large commercial and data centre require a 3phase mains power supply and uninterruptible power supply. Smaller sites, offices, server rooms and domestic premises are supplied single phase power.

3-Phase Monoblock UPS

The traditional double-conversion 3-phase UPS for a data centre application has been a monoblock design. A monoblock is a single standalone UPS system that can support the load with uninterruptible power from a stored energy source i.e. a battery set (lead acid or lithium) and if connected a generator supply. Monoblock UPS systems can be scaled to increase resilience (N+X) or capacity by adding one or more further monoblock UPS in parallel. Each UPS system is installed with a parallel UPS card to allow the UPS firmware to control and synchronise the output of each system. A parallel/redundant configuration may also be installed with a central or distributed battery set. A central UPS battery lowers the initial cost of the overall design but a distributed battery set, i.e. each UPS with its own battery set, provides additional resilience in terms of stored energy. Each monoblock UPS will have its own built-in UPS maintenance and static bypass arrangements and a parallel/redundant 3-phase UPS arrangement may also be installed with a wrap-around bypass (with or without interlocking) for maintenance purposes.

Modular Three Phase Systems

A modular three-phase UPS system consists of a modular frame into which UPS modules are installed up to the maximum number allowed for by the UPS modular frame size. Modular UPS tend to be rated at Unity power factor meaning that kVA=kW in terms of the power rating of the modules and system. Typical UPS module sizes are 10kW, 25kW, 30kW and 50kW dependent upon the UPS manufacturer and their system. A 100kW UPS module is available from Huawei.

There are several advantages to a modular three phase UPS design. The primary benefit is the ability to right-size and easily scale the UPS power design up or down. With a suitably sized UPS frame, UPS modules can be added to meet load expectations at day-one with more modules added later. The scalability of a three phase modular UPS design also provides energy efficiency savings. Modules can be automatically controlled to cycle as required to support the load. If there are three 50kWUPS modules in a 200kW UPS frame and only two are required to power the load with an N+1 arrangement, one of the three UPS modules can be put into ‘sleep’ or ‘idle mode. If the UPS module is required, it can be instantaneously brought into the supply circuit to support the load. Popular modular UPS brands to protect data center applications include Borri, Eaton, Huawei, Legrand and Riello.

Industrial 3Phase UPS

An industrial UPS is one designed and engineered to withstand the harsh electrical and ambient environments found in industrial, petrochemical and transportation industries. Industrial UPS are generally built-to specification and can have a working life of 20 years or more with regular maintenance. An industrial uninterruptible power supply will cost significantly more than a data centre UPS due to the engineering (high IP-rated cabinets) and redundant power paths and components built into the system. Due to their increased robustness, some data centres within demanding environments may specify industrial designs for their data centre facilities. The projects team at Server Room Environments can provide a complete industrial UPS project including design, specification, service, and maintenance. Popular industrial UPS brands include AEG UPS, Borri UPS and Schneider.

Single Phase UPS

The term single phase supply UPS can refer to a single phase (1phase) output UPS system. In our 3phase power systems we offer 3/1 configured systems. If you need a single phase input and output (1/1) please see our single phase UPS systems.

Custom Power Supply Systems

In addition to our commercial and industrial 3phase standalone ups systems, we also offer a full bespoke design service that can include specific marine or military specifications.

3 Phase UPS Systems

3 phase UPS systems from Server Room Environments are industry-leading and offer high efficiency, scalability and high specifications. They can operate in full on-line mode or eco-mode. Out three phase UPS systems can be used as centralised power protection for comms rooms, server rooms, switch rooms and data centres or dencentralised in a multi three-phase uninterruptible power supply installation, with the power supply systems deployed per server cabinet row.

Please contact the projects team for a 3-phase UPS site survey.


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