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UPS Accessories

Each of the uninterruptible power systems we supply will have options available to allow the UPS system to be customised for its application. Typical options include 19inch rack mount slide kits, UPS monitoring cards, battery extension units, replacement UPS batteries, static transfer switches and UPS maintenance bypass units. Delivery options vary from website download links for software to warehouse stock for next day delivery with some built-to-order on a 3-5 day lead time.

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UPS Spares Kits and Consumables

Spares and consumable items may be included within the parts cover of a UPS maintenance contract from Server Room Environments. Where this is not the case or there is a need to carry a crash kit on site, we can supply UPS spares kits covering commission and first line responses. Consumable items including fans, some capacitors and batteries are usually inspected annually during a preventative maintenance visit. If you do not have your UPS system under maintenance with Server Room Environments, we recommend a visual inspection. Please contact our 24/7 emergency call out team and technical support hotline for assistance.

UPS Slide Kits for Rackmount UPS

These UPS rack mount slide kits allow a UPS system including the appropriate battery trays to be installed within a 19inch server cabinet or rack. The kits consist of a pair of slides to attach to each side of the rack mount UPS. Please refer to each individual UPS slide kit for dimensions.

UPS Monitoring Cards

Most uninterruptible power supplies will have some form of remote interface for remote monitoring, either by a UPS monitoring and control software package or via an industry protocol such as SNMP, MODBUS or JBUS. The UPS adapter may also provide opto-isolator or volt-free contact signals.

Each of the UPS monitoring cards we supply are UPS manufacturer specific and slot-into the UPS communications slot or are connected via communications cable and require their own AC power source. If you need a generic UPS monitoring solution, please contact our projects team.

UPS Modem and WiFi Interfaces

For remote sites or difficult to access UPS systems, then a communications modem with a GSM card (4G or 5G) can provide a dial-out and dial-in option. Some UPS manufacturers also offer a WiFi interface card to a local IP network. A UPS modem may be necessary for systems covered by a 24/7 remote site monitoring service and rapid response UPS maintenance contract.

UPS Remote Status Panels

Where a UPS system cannot be installed with a modem or network connection and is in a remote location where audible alarms may not be heard, a remote status panel can provide immediate visual and audible alarms and an operational schematic.

UPS Monitoring Software

UPS monitoring software is typically supplied from a download link and may be restricted in use in terms of the number of UPS systems and clients that can be monitored by a license. The download version is typically free with a license fee payable to upgrade for more features. UPS monitoring software provides a direct interface over an IP network and allows for alarm thresholds to be set message alert options which can include network wide messages, SMS and email alerts.

UPS Communications Cables

UPS systems are generally supplied with a standard 1m or 2m communications cable, where the UPS has a communication port and interface for remote monitoring. Additional cables are available include signal contact, USB and RS232/RS485 interfaces. The cables can be made to a more appropriate length if required.

Battery Temperature Probes

Larger uninterruptible power supplies can monitor an external temperature probe which can be placed external to the UPS system and near for example to a battery set. The temperature thresholds can be set, and the UPS will generate an alarm when exceeded which may be audible, visual and remotely reported.

Power Cords and Extension Leads

Power cords and power cables allow loads to be connected to the UPS system IEC ports. The came cords and cables can be used with PDUs and automatic transfer switches. Care must be taken to ensure that the cord plug and outlet match and are rated accordingly.

Power extension leads or socket strips provide standard outlets (in the UK they are BS style) but with an IEC plug to connect into a UPS powered rear panel socket. Care must be taken to ensure the loads to be powered do not exceed the rating of the UPS output socket and overall UPS system. If the load is greater, the UPS will shutdown via an automatic circuit breaker or go into bypass mode (on-line UPS systems only).

UPS Maintenance Bypass Switches

An external UPS maintenance bypass switch allows an uninterruptible power supply to be fully isolated for maintenance and service work or removed/swapped-out for a new system without disruption to the load. Wall mounted and 19inch rack mount UPS maintenance bypass switches are available including centralised bypass panels with Castel interlocks for large three phase and parallel/redundant UPS systems.

For more information on any of our UPS accessories please contact our projects team.


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