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1000VA UPS Systems

Server Room Environments supplies a wide range of 1000VA UPS including desktop, tower and rackmount, and dual format tower/rack systems. Our projects team provides the best power protection advice available and can guide you on the selection of the right UPS for your application, selection of a suitable UPS topology (online or line interactive), accessories including UPS bypasses and monitoring software, extended runtime battery packs for long backup time applications. Our projects team can also arrange site surveys, electrical and installation works, commissioning and UPS maintenance contracts.

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1000VA UPS Sizing and Watt Power Ratings

The UK single phase mains power supply voltage is 230V 50Hz.

A 1000VA uninterruptible power supply at 230Vac 50Hz will deliver up to 4.35Amps.

UPS Size kVA Rating Load Maximum Output Amps
1000VA 1kVA 100% 4.35Amps @ 230Vac

If you are sizing the load(s) your require power protection for in Watts, please see the UPS specifications tab for the UPS product you are considering, as the Watt ratings will vary from a maximum of 1000Watts downwards, dependent upon the output power factor used by the UPS manufacturer.

See our UPS sizing guide for more information and advice.

Online v Line Interactive UPS

An online UPS provides the ultimate level of power protection for critical loads.

  1. UPS Automatic Bypass: an online UPS has a built-in automatic bypass. If the UPS is overloaded or develops a fault condition, the automatic bypass will transfer the connected loads to the mains power supply, without an interruption in supply. A line interactive UPS does not include an automatic bypass. When the overload or fault condition clears, the automatic bypass transfers the load back to full UPS inverter protection.
  2. UPS Sinewave Output: the output inverter section generates a digital sinewave and powers the connected loads (unless the automatic bypass has activated). Some sensitive loads require a sinewave output. In a line interactive UPS, the inverter switches-in and the inverter output may not be a true sinewave but a square-wave or step-wave output.
  3. 1000VA UPS Extended Runtimes: in an online UPS the inverter section is rated for continuous running and this means that the UPS will have a rear panel socket to which to connect battery extension packs which can be used to increase the runtime. Some line interactive UPS offer this feature but the majority do not as their inverter section is not rated for long runtimes at full power; a cost saving measure.

1000VA UPS Features

UPS Feature Online UPS Line Interactive UPS Standby UPS
Automatic Bypass Yes No No
Sinewave Output Yes Some No
Extended Runtime Options Yes Some or oversize the UPS No

Typical 1000VA UPS Backup Times

Battery runtime is load dependent. A typical 1000VA UPS an provide 3-5minutes runtime at full load. The amount of battery runtime increases as the load on the UPS reduces. This is what some UPS runtimes are quoted at 100%/50%/25% load.

1000VA UPS Typical Recharge Times

The recharge time of a 1000VA UPS is dependent upon the battery Ampere-hour (Ah) fitted and the charging Amps available from the UPS. A typical recharge time is 4-7 hours. For extended runtime applications this can vary unless the UPS has a larger charger installed or the battery extension packs have additional chargers. Most UPS manufacturers aim for 80% recharge within 24hours.

UPS Battery Recharge Time = Battery Ampere-hour / Recharge Amps

5. 1000VA UPS Battery Replacement

Most 1000VA UPS have a lead acid valve regulated (VRLA) battery which will be maintenance free with a 5-year design life. This type of battery is typically replaced in years 3-4 of operation but this is dependent the installation ambient temperature (20-25degC recommended) and the number of charge/discharge cycles. If the UPS has a lithium-ion battery a 7-10 year replacement program is recommended. Please contact our projects team for a UPS battery replacement cost or see our UPS battery kits.

Server Room Environments provides a complete project managed service including UPS site surveys, turn-key systems including PDUs (power distribution), UPS maintenance bypasses, network interfaces for remote monitoring, standby power generators for extended backup times, UPS installation and maintenance contracts. Please contact our projects team for further information.

Typical loads requiring a 1000VA UPS include high-end computer applications, graphic workstations, file servers and CCTV systems. Please contact our projects team for further information or guidance when selecting a 1000VA UPS.


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