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Smart Power Monitoring and Control Devices

A range of smart power monitoring and control devices including power strips, extension leads and power distribution units (PDUs) with smart management features that can be used to monitor a range of metrics including Amps, Volts, Energy Usage and Power Factor either via Ethernet or WiFi. With smart power control devices, individual sockets can be monitored and set for scheduled power-ups/shutdowns and remote reboots. Smart power strips and power cables can be used in a range of applications including remote/home worker computer systems, audio-visual (AV) systems, IT networks, server rooms, datacentres, Internet of Things (IoT), fridge/freezer controls, scientific and test laboratories, and Industrial manufacturing sites. The Smart Power Plugs (BS1363 UK and IEC32) feature WiFi control and management features via a web interface.

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PowerBox 3P Smart Power Extensions Units

The PowerBOX 3Px is a smart IoT power socket strip with 3 output sockets and IP/Ethernet connectivity. Each output socket on the power strips can be separately switched ON or OFF using the web interface and/or the NETIO Cloud service. The power strips can be used for applications including IT devices, lighting and audio-visual (AV) systems. The device offers intelligent integration through various protocols including JSON, Modbus/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex and Telnet.

PowerPDU Power Distribution Units

PowerPDU-4PS is a basic PDU with 4 IEC320 C13 outlets and individual socket control only. PowerPDU-4KS and PowerPDU-4C are metered PDUs with 4 IEC320 C13 outlets. Each of the outlets can be independently controlled (ON/OFF/RESET/TOGGLE) and provide power and energy measurements including Amps, Watts, kWh, Power Factor, Voltage and Frequency. PowerPDU-4C PDUs can be connected in series to provide multiple sockets outlets.

PowerCable Smart Socket Extension Cables

PowerCable is a single socket smart power strip and is available with one of four interfaces (REST, MODBUS, IQRF or MQTT) and either BS1363 UK, IEC320 or Schuko sockets and plugs. As standard the product is shipped in the UK with UK BS-1363 square pin plugs and sockets to offer an easy ‘plug and play’ installation.

PowerCable models and interfaces include:

  • PowerCable-REST 101x has an open API can be integrated with third-party systems using one of three http-based REST protocols: XML, JSON or URL API. This is the base model available above from which the following variants can also be ordered online.
  • PowerCable-Modbus 101x is a smart WiFi power socket which can turned ON/OFF via a web interface. Electrical measurements include: Amps, Watts, kWh, Power Factor, Voltage and Frequency and units can be connected in series.
  • PowerCable-IQRF 101x is a smart power extension cable that communicates over the IQRF LPWAN network (868 MHz).
  • PowerCable-MQTT 101x is a professional WiFi power socket featuring open API for integration with Cloud Internet of Things (IoT) services.

The ‘x’ in the model name ‘101x’ denotes the style of plug with G for UK, S for IEC and E, F and J for different styles of Schuko.

Power Products Features Table

SKU Connection Switched Outputs Metered Channels Smart Switching Inputs NFC Web Interface NETIO Cloud Local Scripting WatchDog Function Scheduler Function Mobile App HTTPs Open APIs
PowerPDU 4C 2xLAN 4xC13 4 ZCS RS-232 Yes Yes Lua scripts Ping Yes iOS + Android Yes 15 protocols
PowerPDU 4PS LAN 4xC13 ZVS Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerPDU 4KS LAN 4xC13 4 ZCS 1xDI (S0 ) - Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerPDU 8QS LAN 8xC13 1+1 ZVS 1xDI (S0) Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerDIN 4PZ LAN/WiFi 2+2 2 ZCS / – 2xDI (S0) Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerBOX 3Px LAN 3x ZVS Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerBOX 4Kx LAN 4x 4 ZCS Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS+ Android 10 protocols
PowerCable REST WiFi 1x 1 ZCS Yes Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols
PowerCable 2PZ LAN/WiFi 2x ZVS Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping Yes iOS+ Android 10 protocols
PowerCable 2KZ LAN/WiFi 2x 2 ZCS 2xDI (S0) Yes Yes Condition & Rules Ping + Power Yes iOS + Android 10 protocols

Note: ZCS stands for Zero Current Switching. ZVS stands for Zero Voltage Switching.


The supported Machine-2-Machine API protocols include: Telnet, SNMP v1 and SNMP v3, Modbus/TCP, MQTT generic, MQTT MS Azure, XML over HTTP (REST), XML over HTTPs (REST), JSON over HTTP (REST), JSON over HTTPs (REST), URL API over HTTP (REST), URL API over HTTPs (REST) and SIP VoIP (experimental fw available on request).

The M2M active client list includes: Lua PING request (AN09, AN24, AN25), Lua XML over HTTP get (AN13, AN14), Lua URL API over HTTP get (AN06), Lua SNMP (AN16), Lua MQTT (AN35) and Lua RS-232 (Serial port) (AN18).

Power Outlet Strip Mobile Phone Apps

A mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices for PowerPDU-4C and NETIO 4All devices. The App currently runs via a LAN/WiFi network. A cloud-based app is in development. App functions include:

  • Switch individual outlet sockets ON/OFF
  • Control outlet sockets from a single App screen
  • Use IP Watchdog status for monitoring and to restart of devices that stop responding to an ICMP ping
  • Monitor Scheduler status which turns outlet sockets ON and OFF at preset times
  • Slide to switch ON/OFF functionality
  • Monitor socket outlet states or control sockets over a Web or M2M API interface
  • Emergency shutdown all socket outlets on command

For more information on our intelligent power monitoring and smart power strips please see the individual products or contact our projects team.


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