Intelligent PDUs

Intelligent PDUs provide the highest levels of power management and control. A network management controller (NMC) built into the PDUs provides local and remote metering information for the complete power and energy drawn and at the individual outlet level. The PDUs also provide local socket outlet switching to allow remote load shedding and rebooting over an IP network.

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Intelligent Power Distribution Unit Features

Intelligent power distribution units are sometimes referred to as iPDUs are an IP networked device that can be used to increase the operational efficiency of server rooms and datacentres in real-time

Intelligent PDUs can provide power and energy usage information including Amps, Voltages, Power Factor, kVA, KW and kWh with a billing accuracy of +/- 1%. Additional sensors can be fitted to the PDU to allow temperature and environmental factor monitoring including humidity, water leakage, smoke, fire and access control.

The PDU will generally have built-in USB-C ports, dual Gigabit ethernet connection ports for redundancy and an interactive display that can be used to show power and energy information across the phases (3 phase devices) in addition to critical alarms for cascade error, environment, security and circuit breaker alarm.

For added visual reference intelligent PDUs may also be coloured coded, down to the individual sockets and circuit breakers to identify A and B supplies. Lockable power cords can also add a layer of protection to connected loads.

PDU energy metering functions can include: phase level power and energy metering in Watts and kWh, input phase power level measurement (V, A, VA, kWh and power factor), +/- 1% high accuracy billing grade monitoring to ISO/IEC 62053-21, data logging for capacity planning and user defined thresholds alarms and notifications.

At the outlet level, energy metering functions can include the power and energy used for each outlet socket, including watt-hour energy metering (kWh) and power measurement (V, A, VA and power factor).

In terms of outlet level switching an intelligent PDU should provide remote on/off power control for each individual socket outlet, a user-defined power-on time delay for IT boot sequencing, automatic power-on to reduce inrush currents, the ability to disable unused IT sockets to prevent accidental load connection and outlet level user security with assigned roles and access credentials.

For more information on our range of intelligent PDUs please contact our projects team.