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Smart Power Strips

Smart power strips provide more functionality than a basic power strip or power extension cable. These smart power strips include individual socket outlet control and IP/Ethernet connectivity for remote power monitoring and outlet control. The power strips are designed to be installed on flat surfaces including wall mounting via optional brackets.

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Netio PowerBox 3Px Smart Outlets

PowerBox 3Px are advanced electrical smart power strips with 3 outlets and LAN connectivity. Each power power strip outlet can be individually controlled and switched ON/OFF using a web interface. Range of M2M protocols provide an easy way to interface the product into third-party systems including JSON, MODBUS/TCP, SNMP, MQTT-flex and Telnet using an open API.

Local LAN or Cloud Based Connections

Using the built-in Ethernet port, PowerBox smart power strips can be connected to a local LAN and monitored via a web interface. The power strip can also be connected via an IP connection to the NETIO Cloud for internet based monitoring and control.

Typical Applications for Power Strips

PowerBox 3Px is suitable for a wide range of power management and control applications:

  • IT servers and networking devices
  • Audio visual (AV) equipment including multimedia
  • Remote conference room energy management
  • Digital signage operation
  • Lighting system energy saving

PowerBox 3Px Features

Range LAN RJ45 Ports WiFi IQRF Outlets ZCS/ZVS Metering/Metrics Web-based Management RS232 Port Netio Cloud Scheduler WatchDog M2M APIs
PowerBOX-3Px Power Strips 1 3 x UK BS1363 ZVS Yes Yes XML, JSON, URL API, Modbus/TCP, Telnet, MQTT-flex, SNMPv1

Note: ZCS stands for Zero Current Switching. ZVS stands for Zero Voltage Switching.

POWERBOX 3Px Models (3PG, 3PF, 3PE)

PowerBox Smart Power Strips are available with country specific socket outlets.

  • PowerBox-3PG: BS1363 UK sockets for a square-pin plug for use in the UK and other countries using this type of socket.
  • PowerBox-3PF: with Schuko (type-F) socket outlets for use in Germany, other European countries and Russia, where this type of sockets used.
  • PowerBox-3PE: type E sockets with an earth pin as required for countries including France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

For the UK market, Server Room Environments stocks the 3PG UK version. Other models are available upon request.

IT Facilities and Industrial Process Control Applications

The PowerBox is designed for use in a wide range of applications from residential to commercial, computer and server rooms to industrial manufacturing facilities. PowerBox is designed for reliability and a long service life in and is includes a core set of functions:

  • Open Machine-2-Machine (M2M Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)
  • A wide operating temperature range (–20 to +65°C)
  • PowerUp state control including a defined outlet state on power-up
  • PowerUp delay (outputs switched on after a delay) for sequential load starting
  • Firmware upgradeable over the web and with backwards compatibility
  • Independent Output Control (IOC)
  • Zero Voltage Switching (ZVS)

Zero Voltage Switching Technology

This feature, referred to as ZVS controls the exact time when the mechanical relay for each outlet socket opens or closes and ensures switching on the sinewave at the cross-over (zero-measurement) level.

ZVS prevents wear and tear and damage to the internal relays for long term reliability. As the relay switches when the sinusoidal voltage waveform crosses the zero level, the inrush currents are significantly reduced.
ZVS therefore helps to extend the service life of connected devices, and especially when there is frequent switching (ON/OFF) required for devices like Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) which are designed ideally for continuous running. SMPS are the power source for most modern electronic devices including servers and networking devices.

ZVS and the PowerUp delay function help to reduce in-rush currents and the tripping of circuit breakers up stream to the connected loads, when power is restored after a mains power supply outage.

PowerUP Control

Sequential load start-up can be important for some applications and loads, especially after a power outage. A start-up delay allows loads to be powered up gradually and can prevent damage from monetary supply interruptions. The PowerUP function allows full control of the outlet sockets which can be set to ON/OFF or LAST state restore i.e. before power was disconnected.

Mobile App

PowerBox smart power strips can be monitored and controlled using the NETIO Mobile 2 App for Android devices. The App can scan the local area network (using Wi-Fi) for PowerBox devices and be used to control several devices and their output sockets. For iOS users third party apps are available using URL API, Telnet and MODBUS protocols.


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