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1.5kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

1.5kVA UPS systems available from Server Room Environments include line interactive and on-line uninterruptible power supply systems. 1.5kVA UPS have a different output Watts rating dependent upon the Power Factor used by the UPS manufacturer. Please check the individual products for their kW rating. The output connections can be plug and play or hardwired dependent on the model which can be available in free standing tower or 19inch rack mount formats with options for extended battery runtimes. 1.5kVA UPS have tower or rack mount or a dual installation format and are designed to protect workstations, servers and IT network peripherals including Internet of Things (IoT) applications. The UPS have IEC-type output sockets as standard.

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1.5kVA Output Sockets and Mains Power Leads

1.5kVAUPS typically have IEC type sockets and can be plugged into a PDU for more load connections or a mains power socket. 1.5kVA UPS for hardwired connection are available on application.

Longer UPS Battery Runtimes

The UPS will have an internal battery. Some 1.5kVA UPS have an external battery pack connector for longer runtimes. The amount of battery runtime available is dependent upon the load placed onto the UPS and the age, battery charge % and ambient environment.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies at 1.5kVA

A 1.5kVA system is available in tower and rack mount formats and is one of the the most widely used sizes of uninterruptible power supply. At 1.5kVA, the UPS will generally be a ‘plug and play’ system and will be supplied with a mains power lead that with a suitable plug for the local mains power supply. The plug will be fused and suitable for a single phase mains power supply. The rear panel of a 1.5kVA UPS will provide IEC320 C13 socket outlets. On some UPS these may be grouped for load shedding during a power outage. Hardwired input and output versions for this specific UPS size may also be available for installation by a suitably qualified electrician or electrical contractor.

UPS Monitoring and Remote Control

A 1.5kVA UPS will have a communications slot on its rear panel into which a simple network management (SNMP) card can be inserted. The UPS SNMP card provides the UPS with an IP/Ethernet address for connection to a local IT network for remote monitoring. With the correct version of the UPS manufacturer’s UPS monitoring and control software package, power outage alerts can be issued to a distribution list and network messages broadcast. When the UPS approaches a low battery threshold or a set time when running on battery, the UPS can initiate an automatic file and system shutdown of the servers in the network to protect their data. Other plug-in comms cards may include volt-free signal contacts and the industrial protocol, MODBUS. The UPS may also have a USB/RS232 interface.

1.5kVA UPS Maintenance Contracts

The UPS will have built-in automatic battery testing and will alarm when the UPS batteries require replacement. A typical battery set will have a design life of 5 years and require replacement around years 3-4. The UPS will also have cooling fans and capacitors and should be inspected annually as part of a UPS preventative maintenance contract. Annual UPS maintenance contracts can be provided offering 12 and 8 working hour and 4 clock hour emergency response times.

Typical brands available with UPS models rated at 1.5kVA include: APC, CertaUPS and Eaton. Replacement UPS battery kits are also available as are extended runtime battery extension packs.

Please contact our projects team for further information or see our 1500VA rated UPS systems.


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