Power Splitter Boxes

Our single phase power splitter boxes are available in a number of input supply and output socket configurations. They are designed to connect to a single mains power supply (16A, 32 and 63A) and provide multiple output feeds via outlets or sockets on extension leads. The standard in put power cord to the splitter box can be from 0.5 to 10m and socket outlets including standard or locking C13 and C19, IEC 603090 Commando type 16A or 32A.

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Single Phase Power Splitter Boxes

Power splitter boxes are ideal when having to supply power to multiple individual circuits within a server rack or cabinet from single power feed. Our standard single phase power splitter boxes take a 32A power feed and split this into multiple output power feeds rated at 16A and 32A. Other current output options are available.

1phase power splitter boxes from Server Room Environments are available with fixed outlets and outlets on leads/cables for ease of installation and connection. As these products are ‘made to order’ power splitters can be manufactured on a project specification basis. Options include cable lengths, neon indicators, branch circuit protection and outlet socket types. 3phase power splitter boxes are available upon application.

3Phase Power Splitter Boxes

Three phase power splitters are available upon request with 16A, 32A, 63A and 125A connections.

Please contact our projects team for further information or view the individual power splitter box product specifications.