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Smart Power Cables with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Smart power cables can be used in branch circuits to monitor power and energy usage and provide remote control of connected devices. As the power cables connect in series with the load, they do not require a separate power socket or outlet.

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Netio Smart PowerCables

Netio Smart PowerCables are an industrial smart power extension cable which can connect to a Local Area Network (LAN) using Wi-Fi. A web interface can be used to display power monitoring and energy values including Volts (V), Amps (A), Energy (kWh), True Power (Watts), Frequency (Hz) and the true Power Factor (pf). The output power can be remotely turned ON/OFF via the web interface.

PowerCable REST 101x models can be used for a range of applications including IT severs, networking devices and industrial applications which may require power cycling and/or power and energy usage measurement. The product can be installed in a wide temperature range and supports firmware upgrades over a web using interface.

Other protocols (SKU specific models) in the Smart PowerCables range include XML, JSON and URL API.

Local LAN or Cloud Based Connections

Using the Wi-Fi feature, PowerCable can be connected to a local LAN and monitored via a web interface. The device can also be connected via an IP connection to the NETIO Cloud for internet based monitoring and control.

Typical Applications

PowerCables are suitable for a wide range of applications where there is a need for energy metering and power management:

  • Industrial process control
  • IT server power and energy usage monitoring
  • Remote IT server and networking device reboots
  • Audio visual (AV) equipment including multimedia
  • Office and conference room equipment management
  • Digital signage power up/down
  • Lighting system energy saving

PowerCable Features

Range LAN RJ45 Ports WiFi IQRF Outlets ZCS/ZVS Metering/Metrics Web-based Management RS232 Port Netio Cloud Scheduler WatchDog M2M APIs
PowerCable-MODBUS Int 1 x UK BS1363 ZCS Yes/6 Yes Yes MODBUS/TCP
PowerCable-REST Int 1 x UK BS1363 ZCS Yes/6 Yes Yes XML, JSON, URL API
PowerCable-IQRF Int 1 x UK BS1363 ZCS Yes/6 IQRF
PowerCable-MQTT Int 1 x UK BS1363 ZCS Yes/6 Yes Yes MQTT, MQTT-Flex, HTTP Push (XML, JSON)

Note: ZCS stands for Zero Current Switching. ZVS stands for Zero Voltage Switching.


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