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Financing Options

SRE Finance

We partner with First Business Finance (UK) Ltd, who provide market competitive rates for Operating Leases and Hire Purchase agreements which can be used to purchase products from Server Room Environments and finance server room and data centre projects

Flexible and Future-proof Equipment Finance

An operating lease or hire purchase agreement, can help to improve cashflow and reduce corporation tax payments. We always recommend that you ask your accountant and finance team for advice on this matter and simply provide a quotation as part of our service to you.

Finance terms can range from 1 to 10 years or longer with monthly and quarterly payment schedules. Our plans can include all maintenance costs to provide you with a fully maintained and supported system even when outside warranty.

Calculate Your Repayment Costs

Try our online Leasing Calculator to see example costs for your project.

Project Example Value Term Monthly Quarterly
10kVA 3/1 UPS installed with 30m runtime £7,500 60 months / 5 years £170 £680

All prices ex VAT. At the end of the finance period you can chose to extend the lease, purchase the system outright or trade-in for a new one.

What Are The Benefits of Equipment Finance and Technology Financing?

Finance Partner

Financing provides a quick and easy way to get quick access to the critical systems you need for your server room or data centre, without having a large upfront cost. Whether you’re a new start-up or an existing business looking to expand and upgrade your existing facilities, our equipment financing service provides several benefits.

  • The Core benefits of Equipment Finance: reduced upfront costs as technology finance reduces the initial costs involved when purchasing new assests, equipment and IT. Leasing allows you to get new systems without putting a large dent into cash reserves.
  • Secure and Fixed Costs: a set payment plan removes any uncertainty and helps budgeting.
  • Access The Latest Technology: through financing you can upgrade your systems making sure you have the best available hardware and software.
  • Pay During The Equipment’s Working Life: spread the overall cost of your new system throughout its working life.
  • No Deprecation: asset finance lowers the risks associated with depreciating assets.
  • Increased Cash Flow: spreading the cost over a set period allows you to use additional funds for growth purposes.
  • Additional Equipment: you can add to, exchange and upgrade your whole system at any point during the agrement term.

Reasons to Finance Your New System

  • Assists Cash Flow: a lease rental solution gives you access to the required equipment with minimal up-front payments and spreads the cost over time, minimising the impact on working capital.
  • Bank Lines Unaffected: with our rental solution there are no adverse effects on your traditional bank-borrowing capabilities.
  • Tax Efficient: 100% of the lease payments may be deducted from taxable profits and so the net cost of leasing the equipment is reduced.*
  • Flexible Payment Terms: choose the payment term that best suits your budgets and cashflow forecasts including options from 1-10 years.
  • All references to taxation, VAT and accounting treatment are subject to confirmation by your professional advisers.

Leasing Cost Calculator

All proposals are subject to acceptance by First Business Finance (UK) Ltd and credit approval.

Please contact us to discuss any of our financing options for your project.