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Borri UPS Resellers

The Borri range of commercial uninterruptible power supplies includes transformer-based and transformerless UPS designs up to 2.1MW and can be used for a wide range of applications including IT, server rooms and datacentres, hospitals and medical facilities, building automation, Edge computing, telecoms and 5G mobile applications.

Borri Industrial UPS Systems

The industrial UPS available from Borri are designed for harsher and more challenging environments including:

  • Oil and Gas
  • Power generation and water treatment
  • Power transmission and distribution>/li>
  • Marine and offshore
  • Transportation
  • Chemical and mining
  • Industrial process manufacturing

Borri industrial UPS systems have a more industrial design and component specification than commercial UPS. The more design incorporates industrial DC and AC voltages (220/125/110Vdc battery voltages and 220/120/110Vac output voltages at 50/60Hz), industrial customer user interface options (e.g. displays, mimic panels, meters, lamps, relays and transducers) and a robust design suitable for integration on industrial sites with distribution panels, isolation transformers, voltage stabilisers and harmonic reduction filters. An industrial UPS will also feature a higher IP-rated cabinet, more redundancy in terms of consumable elements such as fans, and selectable cable entry points.

Other brand names associated with Borri include Astrid UPS. Borri SpA merged with Astrid Energy Enterprises S.p.A. in 2014 and provides its partners and reseller with support, spares and maintenance of Astrid UPS systems.

For more information on Borri UPS or a site survey for your commercial or industrial site please contact our projects team.