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Huawei UPS Resellers

The Huawei range of modular UPS systems include the UPS5000-S series which is based around a 50kW UPS module. UPS frame sizes run from 200kW to 800kW to provide a scalable and modular UPS architecture that can accommodate N+X parallel/ redundancy for critical IT applications including small to medium sized server rooms and datacentres. The Huawei modular UPS systems operate at high efficiency, achieving over 97% on-line and the UPS frames have a compact footprint. Battery options include plug-in modules and separate battery stands and racks that can accommodate either valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) or lithium-ion batteries.

Huawei Modular Datacentres

Huawei manufacture and supply complete datacentres in modular 40foot containers that are designed to provide for fast installation and commissioning. The modular containers include all the critical infrastructure required including a complete fit-out so that the datacentre only requires power and IT cabling when delivered to site. The solutions built-into the modular datacentre include Huawei UPS, cooling, racks, security and network devices as well as the necessary lighting and electrical switchgear.

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