1.5kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

1.5kVA UPS systems available from Server Room Environments include line interactive and on-line uninterruptible power supply systems. These are 1500VA UPS which can vary in their output Watts due to the power factor they are rated at. The output connections are typically plug and play sockets and the UPS may be free standing tower or 19inch rack mount format. The UPS may have options for the connection of external battery packs for longer back-up time.

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A range of 1.5kVA UPS prices and system specifications including online and line interactive 1500VA UPS from Server Room Environments. This size UPS is available in tower and rack mount format with internal batteries and external battery extension packs for additional back-up time. The mains power and lower power connections are plug and play output sockets.

Output Sockets and Mains Power Leads

1kVA UPS typically have IEC type sockets and can be plugged into a PDU for more load connections or a mains power socket. 1.5kVA UPS for hardwired connection are available on application.

Longer Battery Runtimes

The UPS will have an internal battery. Some 1.5kVA UPS have an external battery pack connector for longer runtimes. The amount of battery runtime available is dependent upon the load placed onto the UPS and the age, battery charge % and ambient environment.
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