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20kVA UPS Prices and Specifications

20kVA UPS systems available from Server Room Environments including single phase and three phase outputs for the protection of server rooms and small datacentres. The UPS are rated at 20kVA and the kW-rating will vary depending on the output power factor of the UPS. The UPS may offer parallel capability allowing two or more UPS to be configured for additional resilience into an N+X configuration. The UPS batteries may be internal with options for external battery extension cabinets for additional back-up time. A range of 20kVA UPS prices and system specifications from Server Room Environments. The UPS include single and three phase input and output configurations and may include internal batteries with options for external battery extension packs to extend the amount of battery runtime available.

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Load and Mains Power Connections

A 20kVA UPS system may have an internal bypass switch but should also be installed with an external UPS maintenance bypass switch for ease of maintenance and swap-out if required. The loads will typically be powered by a power distribution units (PDUs) connected to the output of the bypass switch. Server Room Environments offers a complete electrical installation service. Please contact us for a free site survey or quotation.

UPS Battery Runtime Options

UPS battery runtime is dependent upon several factors including load size, battery charge percentage, battery age and ambient temperature. Our project managers can provide a calculated battery back-up time for your load and UPS system. The standard UPS battery is a valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) type with options for lithium-ion batteries available.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

A UPS maintenance contract is recommended with an annual preventative maintenance visit for this size of UPS system. The maintenance contract will include technical support, parts (excluding consumables) and labour and an emergency call out facility. The call out server levels include 4 clock hours, 8 working and 12 working hours.