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The smart power sockets and controls are designed for ease of configuration and setup over a secure IP network (LAN, WAN or WiFi) or via Bluetooth using a custom mobile App. NETIO 4x products offer unrivalled customisation features using LUA scripts that run directly on the devices. This allows the power sockets to be controlled by third-party network sensors, without a Cloud or internet connection.

Smart Power Socket Applications

Typical applications for NETIO smart power sockets and PDUs range from server rooms to general offices, and hospitals to renewable power and energy storage.

  • Server Rooms and Datacentres
  • Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) applications
  • Power generation and renewable power
  • Energy management systems (EMS) and energy storage systems (ESS)
  • Systems integrators including IT, telecoms, electrical and industrial
  • Telecommunication companies
  • Hospitals, Scientific and Laboratory applications
  • Adaptive, Intelligent and Smart buildings
  • Commercial buildings, offices, retail and distribution
  • Schools, colleges and universities

The smart power products allow organisations to manage their power and energy with a view to improving power usage effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Smart Product Features

Feature PowerPDU 4C PowerCable REST 101G PowerCable REST 101S
Network Connectivity Ethernet RJ45 WiFi WiFi
Outlet Sockets 4 1 1
Outlet Type C13 BS Style UK Square Pin C13
Form Factor Shelf Mounted Shelf Mounted Shelf Mounted
Firmware Upgradeable Upgradeable Upgradeable
Auto Ping Reboot yes no no
Scheduled Operation yes no no

For more information on Netio smart power solutions contact our projects team.