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General information and technical advice on the batteries used in a UPS system. energy storage system and standby power generator including maintenance free valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) and lithium-ion.

Why UPS Systems Use Lead Acid Batteries

UPS Batteries

Over 80% of all uninterruptible power supply service issues are battery related. UPS batteries age whether in use or in storage. This is because a battery stores electrical energy using a chemical process and their working life is dependent upon a number of factors including: charge/discharge cycles, operational temperature, charging technique and their overall design […]

UPS System Maintenance Checklists

UPS Battery Installation Testing

With winter upon us it is surprising how many uninterruptible power supplies are in use and not regularly maintained. Not surprising a lot of these UPS systems tend to be the smaller single phase and three phase UPS systems that can be scattered across a large site or hidden away in server racks and computer […]

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