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Enersys Batteries UK Supplier

Enersys is at the forefront of the battery industry and through its Reserve Power Division supplies a range of valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries for use in standby power and emergency backup systems including uninterruptible power supplies. The range of Enersys batteries supplied by Server Room Environments includes:

Genesis NP Batteries

Enersys NP Batteries

The Genesis NP range of batteries use lead calcium alloy technology and heavy duty grids in a sealed design that ranges in size from 1 to 200Ah (6Vdc and 12Vdc). The batteries have a 5 year design life with a 3-5 year service life expectancy in 25degC ambient installations and 1000 plus charge/discharge cycles depending on the Depth of Discharge (DoD). Genesis NP batteries have a low-pressure relief valve and the vent is completely self-sealing to ensure the highest possible internal recombination rate. The batteries are available in a standard and flame retardant (FR) plastic case.

Enersys Genesis NP Datasheet

Datasafe NPX Batteries

Enersys NPX Batteries

DataSafe NPX batteries are valve regulated lead acid batteries for high rate discharge applications and are ideal where a high wattage is required for a short duration and are predominantly used in uninterruptible power supply installations. The batteries have a 5 year design life and typically offer 50% more energy and a 30% more compact design than similar sized batteries. The range includes 6Vdc and 12Vdc batteries rated up to 40Ah and standard and flame retardant (FR) cases.

Enersys Datasafe NPX Datasheet

Datasafe HX Batteries

Enersys HX Batteries

DataSafe HX batteries from Enersys are a VRLA battery design for uninterruptible power supply usage. The top terminal batteries are designed to provide the ultimate reliability and service life and have a 10year design life. The range includes 6Vdc and 12Vdc batteries from 23 to 540Watts per Cell. The batteries can be supplied in a standard or flame retardant plastic case to UL94 and incorporate a lead-calcium-tin alloy.

Enersys Datasafe HX Datasheet

EnerSys Battery Cabinets and Stands

Server Room Environments also supplies a range of battery cabinets and stands from EnerSys. Please contact us for more information or pricing for your project.