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Single Phase UPS Systems

UPS systems for server room and datacentre applications with a single phase input and output up to 10kVA. The range includes desktop, tower and 19inch rack mount systems. Optional accessories include SNMP cards, UPS maintenance bypasses and extended battery packs for longer runtimes.

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Single Phase Input and Output UPS

single phase UPS systems include standby, line interactive and online uninterruptible power supplies. Models up to 2kVA have plug and play input power cords and output sockets. Some models may have a hardwired input and output option.

Single phase UPS systems from 3kVA will typically have a 16A Commando plug input and output sockets. A hardwired input and output configuration may be an option. Larger UPS models will have hardwired I/O plates and termination blocks.

Standard ups are available ex stock with a next working day or Saturday delivery option. Non-standard and custom models are configured to order.

These uninterruptible power supplies are designed and manufactured for UK and European mains power supplies at 230Vac 50Hz. For other voltage and frequency configurations see individual product specifications or contact our technical team.

UPS Batteries

The batteries in a single phase ups are typically a 5-year design life sealed lead acid maintenance free battery. 10-year design life batteries may be available or included for long backup times. UPS with lithium-ion (li-ion) batteries are available for some ratings.

UPS Maintenance Contracts

A UPS maintenance contract can include one or two UPS preventative maintenance visits (PMVs) per annum, 24/7 technical support, labour and emergency call-out. The call-out response can be 12 working hours, 8 working hours or within 4 clock hours on a 24/7 basis with or without a guaranteed fix. Parts are covered under warranty by the UPS manufacturer. Outside warranty the UPS maintenance contract may include an extra charge for parts cover (excluding batteries).

Single Phase UPS Warranties

The typical warranty may be two or three years as standard (model dependent). Warranties can for some UPS be extended to 5 years. The standard in-warranty response may be a next working day swap-out.

Three Phase UPS

For larger UPS systems please see our range of three-phase UPS systems. Three phase UPS can include 3/1 (three phase input/one phase output) and 3/3 (three phase input and output) models.