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UK Manufactured Power Distribution Units

Integra PDU products are available off-the-shelf and on short lead times for custom manufactured PDU designs. Customisation options include metalwork, paint colours, switches, breakers, outlets, plugs and cable lengths.

PDU Outlet Sockets and Plugs

The following table shows the main power distribution outlets and plug types available.

Outlet and Plug Types Image Application(s)
IEC320 C13 Female, C14 Male C13 Outlets PCs, small servers and IT peripherals
IEC320 C15 Female, C16 Male C15 Outlets A high temperature version of C13/C14
IEC320 C17 Female, C18 Male C17 Outlets Domestic applications (no earth)
IEC320 C19 Female, C20 Male C19 Outlets Higher power datacentre servers
IEC320 C21 Female, C22 Male C21 Outlets A high temperature version of C19/C20
IEC320 C23 Female, C24 Male C23 Outlets An ungrounded version of C19/C20
IEC320 BS1363 BS Style UK Socket UK three-square pin plug-in sockets
CEE 7/3 French Schuko type socket French Schuko type E socket
CEE 7/5 German Schuko type socket German Schuko type F socket
NEMA5-20R NEMA Outlet Sockets NEMA sockets
IEC 60309 – IEC 309 IEC60309 Blue Three Phase Outlets Industrial single phase supplies 16A/32A
IEC 60309 – IEC 309 IEC60309 Red Three Phase Outlets Industrial three phase supplies 32A

IEC 60309 is often referred to as an industrial Commando plug and socket and may used to provide power to higher power PDUs.

Please contact our projects team if you need a quotation for a custom designed power distribution unit.