NETIO Power Monitoring Cloud

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NETIO Cloud is a power monitoring and control portal for NETIO compatible smart power distribution devices that allows remote monitoring, control and reboots. From a single webpage on the NETIO Cloud portal ( multiple electrical power outlets can be controlled in a secure and reliable https environment.

NETIO Cloud is compatible with the following NETIO smart power management devices:

NETIO Cloud accounts have a 3 year free license and the credit for this is activated when your first NETIO device is added to the account.Additional credits can be purchased in 100k bundles as required.

Smart Power Device Opening Credits

Each NETIO product has an opening number of credits in NETIO Cloud.

Smart Power Device Opening Credits
PowerBox 3Px 62,000
PowerPDU 4PS 64,000
PowerPDU 4C 95,000
PowerDin-4PZ 84,000
PowerCables 65,000

With normal usage, the opening credit balance should last approximately 3 years.

NETIO Cloud Credit Usage Calculations

For each Smart Power Device there is an estimated maximum daily connection fee. The credit value is based on a stable internet connection, average load and periodic data synchronisation being automatically triggered by the connected device.

Smart Power Device Max Daily Connection Fee
PowerBox 3Px 56
PowerPDU 4PS 58
PowerPDU 4C 422
PowerDin-4PZ 244
PowerCable 143

The amount of available credit for NETIO Cloud is calculated every 24hours (after midnight) and is based on the number of Interactions during the last 24hours. The total number of these is deducted from the available credit. A summary report is made available in the Account Log.


An interaction is defined as an operation between the NETIO Cloud service and the connected Smart Power device and includes:

  • User-interactions triggered by the User or through an external API
  • Auto-interactions triggered automatically based on data synchronisation or a User-interaction

An Interaction does not include data synchronisation.

Typical User-interactions

User-interaction Credit Usage
Switch one Output On 1
Switch one Output Off 1
Reset (Short Off) Output 2
One published MQTT message via an External API 1
Remove device from the NETIO Cloud 1
One DataPoint in a structured message 1

Typical Auto-interactions

Auto-interaction Credit Usage
Status update of one output 1
Energy counter update of one output 1


Every Message or Interaction is at least one DataPoint. If a message payload consists of structured data (e.g. JSON), one DataPoint is assigned to every numeric value in the structure.

Data Synchronisation Policy and the Connection Fee

TLS encrypted MQTT and HTTP protocols are used for data synchronisation. The user is responsible for ensuring that the Smart Power devices have access to the internet through TCP ports 8883 and 443. To ensure a good quality of Service, data is synchronised between every connected Smart Power device and NETIO Cloud at certain events. Every synchronisation event consumes an appropriate amount of credit depending on the Smart Power device connected and its features, this is covered by the term Connection Fee. Typical events include:

  • Automatic output state synchronisation in background every 30minutes per Smart Power device connected – this feature is used to detect connection errors
  • Outputs states are updated by every output change on each Smart Power device separately and includes requests from the NETIO Cloud service, devices M2M API, push-buttons and any other non specified output state changes
  • Energy (Wh) is synchronised after device start-up or by a 1000Wh (1kWh) change on each output separately
  • Output state synchronisation is made after each successful connection or re-connection to the NETIO Cloud service


Notifications are sent via email and it is not possible to disable this feature. Notifications emails are sent for:

  • Account registration and confirmation
  • Password reset
  • Account credit threshold reached
  • Account usage and credit statistics
  • User account suspension or termination

External APIs

The NETIO Cloud can connect to Third-party services or devices via external APIs.