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Server Room Temperature and Datacentre Environment Monitoring

A range of monitoring products, sensors and software solutions that can be used within server room and data centre environments to monitor temperature, humidity, power, flood, water, fire, smoke, room entry, motion and airflows and provide alarm notifications.

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Temperature and Environment Monitoring

Heat loads within server racks and datacentres continue to rise with the adoption of more powerful servers. Within serve racks, ‘hot-spots’ can develop which can lead to equipment malfunctions and potentially catastrophic failures. The higher the temperature the greater the demands placed on local cooling solutions and air conditioning systems.

IT system resilience and uptime can be dependent upon the continuous monitoring of temperatures within racks and the data rooms themselves. Other environmental factors can also be important including power, humidity, flood, smoke, air flow and room entry.

Avtech Room Alert products from Server Room Environments can be rack mounted or fix-to-surface devices that can accessed from any internet or 4G or 5G mobile connected device to monitor, record, graph and map environment data and access stored logs. Digital sensors can continuously monitor:

  • Temperature and humidity
  • Heat Index (feels Like) and dew points
  • Mains power supply or UPS power present
  • Power in Amps and kVA (Active Power)
  • Water, smoke and fire
  • Motion, room and door entry
  • Air Flow

For network management of Room Alert devices use Device ManageR with built-in auto-discovery that can discover Room Alert devices on an IP network. The software can log and graph sensor data, issue alerts when and can provide monitoring reports and automated responses.

For more information on rack environmental monitoring solutions please contact our projects team.