Narrowband IoT Sensors for Environment Monitoring and Control

The NB series of Narrowband IoT sensors and environment monitoring devices can be used to monitor for temperature, humidity, water leakage, power, voltage and current values. The devices can be monitored using the SensDesk remote monitoring portal and are battery powered with a battery life of 2years.

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What is Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT)

Narrowband is a standards-based low power wide area (LPWA) technology used to connect a wide range of IoT devices and corresponding services. Using narrowband connectivity significantly improves device power consumption, system capacity and spectrum efficiency. The low power consumption of Narrowband devices allows for the use of battery power and offers long duration battery life from 2years or more. Narrowband is similar to GSM/GPRS mobile communications and benefits from all the security and privacy features of mobile networks, including support for user identity confidentiality, entity authentication, confidentiality, data integrity, and mobile equipment identification. Narrowband connectivity is ideal for indoor, remote and rural device monitoring.

Typical Applications for Narrowband NB-IoT Sensors

Narrowband suits applications where it can be costly and difficult to deploy a broadband network over a wide area for multiple applications. Typical applications can include:

  • Temperature and Humidity monitoring on remote sites
  • Smart electricity, gas and water meter data connection and monitoring
  • Public sector infrastructure device communication – car park metering, street lighting, waste collections and temporary traffic lights
  • Remote building security access and intrusion prevention
  • Water leakage and humidity level monitoring on remote sites

There are many applications for the technology. Please contact us to discuss a specific Narrowband IoT application.

Remote Monitoring Cloud Portal

Narrowband environment monitoring devices from Server Room Environments can be monitored and controlled through the SensDesk portal.

Narrowband IoT Connectivity and Remote Monitoring