Wireless Environmental Monitoring Sensors

The wireless environmental monitoring sensors range from Server Room Environments includes SD devices that rely on a Wi-Fi connection and NB devices that use sim-based Narrowband communications. Wireless sensors are single-purpose products that can be used to monitor a range of environmental factors in server rooms, data centres and remote locations. Using wireless sensors reduces installation cabling costs and provides a fast way to roll out additional monitoring points for temperature, humidity and water leakage, and digital input (DI) or digital out (DO) connections. Wireless monitoring devices can be monitored using the HWG-Cloud or SensDesk remote monitoring portals and are battery powered with a battery life of 3years. DIN rail and rack mount models are also available.

How to Monitor Applications Using Wireless Environment Monitoring Sensors

SD devices can be used with a Wi-Fi or local Ethernet connection. NB devices use narrowband communications and can be ideal where it is more difficult or costly to deploy a Broadband network over multiple locations. Narrowband communications can suit remote locations and those where the Wi-Fi or a standard GSM signal can be too weak to establish a connection.

Typical applications for wireless sensors include:

  • Temperature, humidity and water leakage monitoring in large server rooms, data centres and remote sites including mobile telecomms
  • Remote building security access and intrusion prevention requiring input and output contacts

Remote Environmental Monitoring Cloud Portals

The SD and NB wireless monitoring devices can be monitored and controlled using either the HW Cloud or SensDesk portals.

Wireless Environmental Remote Monitoring