AKCP sensorProbeX+ SPX8 Environment Monitors with 8 Sensor Ports

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The sensorProbeX+ SPX8 is high-speed, accurate and rugged, SNMP enabled environmental monitoring device with 8 auto-sensing intelligent sensor ports, a proprietary Linux like OS which includes TCP/IP stack, a built-in webserver and full email and SNMP functionality.

sensorProbeX+ SPX8 can record all events in its database with a timestamp of when the sensor alarm was raised and the action that took place. Multiple sensorProbeX+ SPX4 devices can be daisy-chained together and connect to a wide range of AKCP environmental sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, water leakage, airflow, security, and control relays.

The sensorProbeX+ series is can be used in 1U (horizontal), 0U (vertical) and DIN rail mount installations. The overall design is low profile and compact design for installation in a server cabinet. The sensorProbeX+ has several standard variants each of which can be customised with modules for dry contact inputs, analogue IO, internal model, analogue to digital converters, additional sensor ports and an internal UPS for battery backup.

sensorProbeX+ SPX8 Standard Configurations

AKCP SKU Intelligent Sensor Ports I/O Dry Contacts *
SPX8 8 0
SPX8-X20 8 20
SPX8-X60 8 60
  • Isolated dry contact option

Temperature, and Temperature & Humidity Sensors

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sensorProbeX+ SPX8 Features

  • Inputs: 8xsensor ports for AKCP sensors, 1×10/100 Mbps Ethernet Port), 1xEXP (Expansion) / Modbus / RS485 port and 1xBEB (Basic Expansion Bus) port
  • Fully embedded TCP/IP and web-server
  • Built-in notification features via email and SNMP traps
  • A web-based interface for easy configuration and monitoring
  • Continuous time feature on every sensor port to eliminate false warning alerts
  • Login for User and Administrator for increased security
  • Battery backed time of day clock for accurate system date and time stamping
  • Micro-code firmware updates over the Internet
  • Customised colour configuration for displaying alerts
  • Network Management System Integration
  • 1U rack mounting, brackets included

sensorProbeX+ SPX8 Specifications

  • Expansion Ports: EXP port connecting EXP remote units and BEB port for connecting SPX+ BEB remote units, maximum 4 BEB units per SPX+
  • Mounting: 0U toolless rack mount, optional wall mount brackets, horizontal 1U mounting or DIN rail brackets
  • Status Indications: LEDs for power present, network connectivity and sensor online/threshold status
  • Power: 5Vdc, 3Amp 100-240Vac, 0.22A or optional PoE IEEE 802.3af
  • Operating Environment: Temperature -35 to +80°C, humidity 20-80% (non-condensing)
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF): 1,400,000Hours

SensorProbeX+ Standard Features

  • Ethernet, Modbus RS485, EXP and BEB communications
  • Compatible with sensorProbeX+ EXP and BEB expansion units
  • 1U rackmount brackets, tool-less 0U mounting or DIN rail mounting options
  • SNMP, Email, SMS (requires optional cellular modem) notifications and audible alarm
  • Compatible with wide range of AKCP Intelligent sensors
  • Can be extended to monitor up to 80 virtual sensors

Expansion (EXP)

The EXP port can be use do extend the distance (daisy-chain) between multiple SPX+ devices up to 300m.

Basic Expansion Bus

The Basic Expansion Bus (BEB) can be used for short-distance expansion within a server cabinet. The expansion units can be daisy-chained up to 20m for the total chain. The BEB facility can be used as a cost effective way to expand system coverage.

  • 4 BEB: maximum total cable length 10m
  • 3 BEB: maximum total cable length 18m (3×6m)
  • 2 BEB: maximum total length 20m(2×10m)
  • 2 BEB: maximum total length 20m (1×20m)

sensorProbeX+ SPX8 Modules

The sensorProbeX+ SPX8 can be installed with additional modules to provide extra functionality.

Module Image Description SKU
Additional Sensor4 4 Sensor Module Adds an additional 4 sensors to a sensorProbeX+ and compatible with all AKCP intelligent sensors. S
Dry10/20 Contact Dry Contact Module Provides a mixture of IO and isolated inputs. Dry-contacts (volt-free signal contacts) can be used to monitor third party devices, door contacts, digital inputs from a UPS system, control panels, fire panels and alarm panels. IO dry contacts can be used to automate actions as responses to digital inputs. D1, D1i, D1iV, D2, D2i, D2iV
AC Voltage Detection AC Voltage Detection Module Monitor 10 or 20 AC voltage inputs, detect if circuits are energised or powered down. This module only provides a signal that an AC voltage is present (5-30Vac, 44mA). The module does not provide a voltage reading D1ACV, D2ACV
Mobile Phone Modem and Optional GPS GSM Mobile Phone Module Provides sensorProbe SPX+ with mobile phone communications. An external antenna ensures a good signal can be received even if the SPX+ is inside a cabinet. The modem can send SMS alerts from the SPX+ device or connect it to the AKCPro Server software central monitoring platform, via a VPN connection. The mobile phone modems are available in 4G European and US bands. The optional GPS antenna can be added for geolocation of the device. MA, ME, M4A, M4E / GPS
4 Analog to Digital Inputs Analog Digital Inputs Module Connects third-party analog sensors with a 0-5Vdc or 4-20mA scale output. A2D4, A2D4 (4-20)
4 Mini Relays Mini Relays Includes 4 mini-DC relays which can be used to switch ON/OFF low current devices directly, or to drive larger relays. Ideal for systems and control, building and industrial automation. 4MR
2 Mini Relay and 2 Analog to Digital Inputs Module Mini Relays and Digital Inputs Module A combination of the Digital Input and Relay modules, with 2 relays and 2 0-5Vdc or 4-20mA analog sensor inputs. A2DMR, A2DMR (4-20)
Ball Valve Control Ball Valve Control Module Designed for use with DC motors or electronically controlled ball valves which require polarity reversal to turn in the opposite direction. Applications include water irrigation and industrial applications which require valve and motor controls. VC
Internal UPS Provides battery back-up from 4 AA rechargeable batteries (included). The internal UPS module is ideal when sensorProbeX+ is used in unstable power environments and data logging must continue even during a power outage. The module can be used with the Mobile Phone Modem to provide alerts even if the local IP network is down. UPS

The AKCPro Software can be used to monitor sensorProbeX+ units remotely on a local IP network or via the ACKPro Cloud service.