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Perseus Monitoring 150

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Perseus Monitoring 150 is a sophisticated 1U high environmental monitoring solution for server rooms, data centres, server cabinets, audio visual (AV) installations and other critical application areas that require 24/7 monitoring and automatic alert notifications (store up to 100x email and 100x SMS mobile phone numbers).

The Perseus Monitoring 150 can connect up to external 8x physical sensors (RJ11 ports) for monitoring temperature (°C), relative humidity (%RH), power Amps and Voltage, for example and up to (16 DI/4 DO) dry contact detectors including water leak detectors (WLD) and sensing cables and 3rd party meters. Sensors can also be connected via LAN or Modbus/RTU.

The Perseus Monitoring 155 model includes a built-in LTE modem to perform the role of an SMS gateway and provide mobile comms in case of a local cabled Ethernet failure.

Perseus 150 Monitoring Kits

SKU Kit Contents
PERSEUS 150 Perseus 150 unit only. 8x sensor ports RJ11 (8×60m, 1 port = 1 sensor), 16 digital inputs (DI), 4 Digital Output (DO) relays, 1x WLD zone, RS485 Modbus-RTU, Meters API. LAN with PoE or external 48V DC. The AC power adaptor and 19inch rack kit are not included
PERSEUS 150-TSET Perseus 150 Starter Kit containing 1x Perseus Monitoring 150, a universal power adaptor 12V DC 1.5A and 1x temperature sensor (Temp-1Wire 3m IP67)
PERSEUS 150-RACK-TSET Perseus 150 Rack Kit containing 1x Perseus Monitoring 150, 1x set of RM2 19inch brackets, a universal power adaptor 12V 1.5A, 1x water leakage WLD sensing cable A 2+2m, 1x temperature sensor (Temp-1Wire Rack19), and 1x Door Contact MK4 set

Perseus 150 combines data from external physical sensors and detectors with data from other HWg Group devices connected via LAN. Local conditions, Lua scripting, calendar or periodic scheduler for analysis and trend reporting. Email or SNMP Trap alerts can be automatically sent from the Perseus Monitoring 150 device. Measured values are also available via Open API (XML, Modbus/TCP, MQTT). Perseus can be connected to the Cloud based SensDesk portal for remote site and multiple device monitoring. A unique feature of all Perseus products is the Meters Open API. This means that Perseus system can read over LAN sensor values from other devices (for example the STE2-R2) and use this data for analysis or automatic alert notifications. For SMS alerts a separate SMS-G3 Gateway is required or use the Perseus Monitoring 155 model which has a built-in LTE modem.

Monitoring Portals and Mobile App

HW Group provide two portal options.

The free HWg Cloud monitoring portal features:

  • Automatic email alerts can be sent when an alarm condition occurs
  • Device Invalid (disconnected) alert is available to provide a heartbeat/watchdog function
  • A single value graph with short historical data
  • Alarm escalation (email only)
  • Remote relay output switching based on sensor values
  • Central alerts overview and device management

The SensDesk Technology portal (SaaS or On-Premise) has an annual license and provides more extensive features including:

  • Email, SMS, Voice call alerts
  • Multigraphs with several years of history
  • User account API: SNMP or XML
  • Reports (PDF)
  • Multi-user accounts

Perseus 150 can also be monitored using HWg Monitor, a mobile phone App available for Android and iOS mobiles and tablets.

Perseus 150 Key Features

  • Ethernet: RJ45 (100BASE-T)
  • WEB: Built-in web server
  • Sensors: 8xRJ11 port – max. 100 external sensors or meters (1-Wire / 1-Wire UNI) RJ11 sensors including Temperature, Relative Humidity (Indoor / Outdoor), Voltage, Current (0-30A or 4-20mA) and much many more
  • RS-485 (Modbus/RTU): 1x terminal block (with 9-30V)
  • WLD: 1 zone for external Water Leak Detection sensing cable
  • Digital Outputs (DO): 4x DO (relays)
  • Digital Inputs (DI): 16x DI (dry contact) for detectors including smoke, door contact, fan failure detector, and power presence
  • Alerts: SNMP trap, email, (SMS / Calls with external SMS GW)
  • Open API: SNMP, XML, Modbus/TCP, MQTT
  • Network Protocols: IPv6, SNMP Traps, SNMPv3
  • Security: Radius – IEEE 802.1X, Admin and user accounts, HTTPs (customer certificate)

Typical Applications

  • Data Centres, server rooms and single rack cabinet monitoring
  • Remote technical room monitoring
  • Telecommunication installations
  • Remote infrastructure monitoring
  • Industrial Automation

1-Wire Temperature Sensors

1-Wire Humidity Sensors

1-Wire Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Water Leakage Detectors


Air Quality Sensors

Physical Installation

  • Plastic Case: IP40
  • Installation: flat surface, rack shelf, 19inch rackmount
  • Design: server rooms, data centres, server cabients, racks, audio visual systems, industrial, SoHo

Perseus 150 Connections

Side 1

  • 1x “Power Out” terminal block to power third-party detectors
  • 4x digital inputs
  • 4x RJ11 ports for connecting sensors using a 1Wire/1-Wire Uni bus
  • 1x RS485 terminal block with A, B, GND signals and a U+ voltage output
  • 1x WLD terminal block to connect to a water detection ramp (up to 185 meters)
  • 1x Ethernet port (with support PoE PD)
  • 1x 12Vdc power jack
  • 1x 9-30Vdc power terminal block

Side 2

  • 1x “Power Out” terminal block to power third-party detectors
  • 1x 9-30Vdc power terminal block
  • 1x -48Vdc power terminal block
  • 4x RJ11 ports for connecting sensors using a 1Wire /1-Wire Uni bus
  • 12x digital inputs
  • 1x “Power Out” terminal block to power third-party detectors
  • 4x relay outputs

Operation Schematic

Perseus 150 Operation Schematic

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