FAQs - Environment Monitoring

How to monitor temperature, humidity, water ingress, fire and smoke within server rooms and datacentre environments.

We provide a complete installation and commissioning service for the environment monitoring solutions we supply. Please contact us for a site specific quotation.

All of our environment monitors come with the option to plug-in additional sensors for a range of conditions to monitor. Please refer to each product for the number of sensor inputs and the range of sensors available.

We supply products designed specifically for 19inch rack mount cabinets and a standard style box that can sit on a rack shelf.

The most widely adopted temperature range for a server room is 18-25°C. This ambient temperature range provides a comfortable environment for technicians and engineers to work in, and a suitable environment in which to run IT servers, networking devices and associated critical infrastructure including uninterruptible power supplies. Below 18°C and the room can become a little too cool and energy is wasted cooling the space. Above the temperature and the server room becomes a little too warm with the potential for humidity related problems. Whilst this is an overall suitable server room temperature range, it is important to identify ‘hot-spots’ i.e. warmer temperatures within the room and server racks which could potentially lead to heat-related problems.

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