WiFi Environment Sensors

These WiFi enabled devices can be used to monitor and control ambient environmental factors within server rooms, datacentres and other critical environments. Some of these environmental monitoring products also feature an Ethernet connection and Digital Outputs (DO) for the ON/OFF control of connected devices and systems when an alarm condition is triggered.

IoT Environment Monitors and Sensors

Internet of Things (IoT) environment monitors allow environmental factors to be monitored over an internet connection via a dedicated monitoring portal. Devices such as the 2D-2×1 IoT devices can be connected via Ethernet or WiFi to a local area network and used to report data from thermometers, humidity sensors and other devices (up to four) to the Sensdesk portal or SensDesk Mobile App (iOS or Android). The SensDesk portal then sends email alerts for alarm conditions. SensDesk can also send an SMS text message of there is an SMS-GW3 Gateway on the local network.

Other WiFi IoT monitoring devices compatible with SensDesk include SD-WLD for water leakage detection, SD-2xIn and SD-2xOut each with two Digital inputs (IN) or outputs (OUT) and the STE2 monitoring device.