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Wireless Sensors Using Wireless EtherNet WiFi Sensors and GSM/LTE Sim Cards

Wireless sensors can require a wireless gateway (AKCP models) or SIM card (HW Group SD and NB models) to connect to an environmental monitoring software solution which can be Cloud-based or installed on-premises. The sensors are ‘cableless’ and can be easier to install in a large building and can have a range of up to 300m. The sensors are typically connected to an Ethernet wireless or cellular (GSM) gateway. Typical installations include computer rooms, server rooms, data centres, offices, warehouses and laboratories. Powered by PoE the sensors can include battery backup with a battery life for commercial, enterprise and industrial monitoring sensors ranging from 2-3 years to 10 years or more, dependent upon the product.

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IoT Wireless Sensors

Server Room Environments supplies a wide range of IoT sensors including:

  • Accelerometers and vibration
  • AC Voltage and Current detection (single and three phase
  • Air quality, velocity and pressure
  • Electrical resistance
  • Standard temperature -40 to +125⁰C
  • High temperature -40 to +370⁰C
  • Low temperature -200 to +0.5⁰C
  • Duct temperature -40 to +150⁰C
  • Digital temperature -40 to +125⁰C
  • Combined motion, temperature and humidity
  • Food temperature
  • Gas detection
  • Humidity
  • Light meters
  • Motion and occupancy
  • Button presses
  • Open-Closed Door
  • Pulse counters
  • Pressure
  • Soil Moisture detection
  • Ultrasonic ranging
  • Vehicle detection
  • Water detection

Other sensors can be sourced on a project-by-project basis for connection to a wireless gateway and environment monitoring system.


Sensors can be used in a number of applications with significantly lower installation costs than cabled sensors. Applications can include:

  • Server Room and Data Centre Temperature Monitoring
  • Warehouse Temperature Monitoring
  • Remote Temperature Monitoring
  • Frozen or Burst Pipe Monitoring
  • Coolers & Freezer Temperature Monitoring
  • HVAC System Monitoring
  • Art Gallery and Museum Environment Monitoring
  • Agricultural Environmental Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Temperature and Humidity Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Temperature Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Humidity Monitoring
  • Greenhouse Walk-in Humidor Monitoring
  • Laboratory Fridge Monitoring
  • General Environmental Monitoring
  • Kitchen Ovens and Cooking Device Monitoring
  • K9 Unit Temperature Monitoring
  • Vacant Property Monitoring
  • Vaccine Monitoring

For custom sensors please contact our projects team.

Air Quality Data

Covid has made us even more aware of the need for good ventilation and air quality in our buildings, especially smaller offices, and meeting rooms. Sensors can gather a range of data for air quality monitoring including levels of carbon dioxide (CO2), the presence and levels of Radon gas, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and temperature and humidity levels. Information can also be gathered to assess virus risk indicators.

Building Occupancy Analytics using Wireless Sensor Technology

As we strive to create environmentally health work environments it is important to monitor building and room occupancy levels. sensors can use passive infra-red technologies to monitor the number of people within a given space and this data can be used to help building managers and owners to plan for workplace needs and maintenance programs.

Desk & Space Booking Systems Use Wireless Sensor Data

To manage energy efficiency and provide adequate working and car parking space it is important to collect data that can be used by booking systems to make a building more efficient. Sensors can help here to optimise usage and ensure that spaces are not overbooked.

Cold Storage Monitoring using Wireless Temperature Sensors

Food retail, transportation, warehousing, and logistics must work to local regulations and legislation. Monitoring sensors for temperature and humidity can monitor wide spaces and systems used for cooling to ensure correct temperature and humidity operation including fridges and freezers, whether in buildings or as part of the logistics vehicle fleet.

Wireless WiFi Sensors for IT Computer Rooms

High temperatures can kill electronic devices over time and lead to data corruption and processing errors. Using wireless temperature and humidity sensors in an IT room provides an easy way to collect environmental data on a 24/7 basis and allows alarms/alerts to be issued the moment a data reading goes outside a pre-set threshold. Monitoring IT devices and servers can help to ensure their reliability and long-term health. Sensors can also be used for other factors within an IT environment including water leakage and smoke.

Wireless Sensor Protocols for Logistics Operations Monitoring

Logistics operations can be extensive. Monitoring sensor protocols can allow a single-pane of glass overview from a variety of easy-to-deploy sensors throughout a logistics supply chain. Sensor can monitor for temperature and humidity levels in hard-to-reach spaces, as well as monitor for motion, proximity and even door opening or closing which can impact security and HVAC system efficiency.

Please contact our Projects Team for more information on our wireless monitoring sensors.


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