Environment Monitoring Software

Environmental monitoring software solutions collect information from environment monitoring devices, sensors and detectors for analysis and the issuing of alarm alert messages. The software packages include solutions that gather data via internet Cloud Portals, local area network (LAN) and GSM connections. On-premise software is made available via a download link. Cloud portals require a sign-in account. Prices include free issue and licensed packages.

Monitoring Software Solutions

Server Room Environments provides two distinct sets of software for the remote monitoring of environment devices, sensors and detectors.

  • LAN On-Premise: this is software downloaded from a website URL which is loaded onto a local PC or server. The software will provide a local monitoring solution for connected devices and provide a product-specific functionality. On-premise software may have device limit levels and be licensed on a perpetual or annual basis.
  • Web-based Cloud Portals: software that can be accessed over the internet via a web-browser. The software provides access to information over any http/https compatible device including laptop PCs, tablets, and mobile phone devices. A mobile Application may also be available. For sites with high security restricted or no internet access the Web-based portal may be installed on-premise.

Each type of environmental monitoring solution will offer a mixture of email, SMS, GSM and SNMP alarm notifications and reporting.

The SensDesk and RoomAlert portals have different license levels and pricing. Please refer to each software package for details. Server Room Environments provides a complete on-site or remote installations service and training.

The NETIO portal is provided free of charge for the first 3 years upon device connection.

SensDesk IoT Monitoring Software Portal

Feature SD FREE SD Home SD Business SD Datacentre
Monitoring 3 Devices 5 Devices 10 Devices 100 Devices*
Users 1 2 5 O/A
Log Limit 3 12 24 O/A
Push Period 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes
Dashboards 1 3 6 O/A
Graph Limits 1 3 6 O/A
Periodic Email Reports 0 0 2 O/A

Note: * packs can be purchased to increase the number of devices monitored.

HWg Cloud Monitoring Software Portal

HWg Cloud is a free cloud-based environmental monitoring portal for HW Group environmental monitoring devices. HWg Cloud is very similar to SensDesk and allows up to 20 devices to be monitored but there are some limitations in terms of how long data histories are stored and the number of email names that can be included in the alert emails.

  • Up to a maximum of 20 HWg Group environment monitoring devices in a single user’s account
  • Up to a maximum of 10 days of data history can be stored for analysis
  • Only 2 destinations (groups of recipients) for email alarms

Note: For clients who need more functionality, Sensdesk is the preferred option.

RoomAlert Environmental Software Portal

Feature Lite Account Personal Professional Enterprise
Monitoring 1 Device 10 Devices 25 Devices 50 Devices
Users 1 2 10 25
Support Online (FAQs/Resources Email Email, Chat, Phone Email, Chat, Phone
Plugins Firmware downloads Download Access Download Access Download Access
Historical Data 1 Day 30 Days 180 Days 365 Days
Alerts Configured 1 10 25 75
Notifications Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Reports Saved 1 3 7 25
Network Camera Access yes yes
Data Export CSV File CSV File

Environment Monitoring Installation Services

Our projects team provides a range of environment monitoring project installation services including:

  • On-site Installation: for LAN software and environment monitoring devices based on a day-rate and location dependent.
  • Remote Software Installation: the SRE software engineering team can remotely install, set-up and configure your chosen monitoring software or portal. The SensDesk portal can also be installed on a local server or private cloud facility.
  • Training: covering usage training for on-site personnel and teams responsible for the day-to-day management of devices connected to the portals or LAN-based software packages.

Please contact our projects team for more information on our environment monitoring software solutions and software monitor installation services.