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HWg-STE Environment Monitors

This product is no longer available. See below for alternative.
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HWg-STE Environment Monitors can connect up to two sensors using a 1-Wire connection. The device has a built-in web server for ease of configuration and can be remotely monitored via the internet and SNMP. Alarm messages can be generated when values are outside a pre-set range and sent via email.

This product has been replaced by the STE2 R2


The HWG-STE is supplied with a 1m temperature sensor, power adaptor and free HWg-PDMS software to create graphs and export data to Microsoft Excel.

Key Features

  • Two 1-Wire Inputs for Sensors
  • Two email and two SMS alerts
  • M2M communication protocols: SNMP and XML
  • Connects to an Ethernet LAN and configured via a built-in web server
  • NMS connectivity (SNMP MIB) and supports DHCP
  • Logged data can be exported to Microsoft Excel using HWg-PDMS software
  • Compatible with a range of third party software packages using Borland C++, MS Visual, VB, C#, PHP, JAVA and more


  • Monitoring for air conditioning system failures
  • Heating system monitoring and optimisation
  • Cooler systems, fridges and freezers monitoring
  • Remote server rack temperature monitoring

1-Wire Temperature Sensors

1-Wire Humidity Sensors

1-Wire Temperature and Humidity Sensors

Physical Installation

  • Plastic Case
  • Installation: flat surface, rack shelf
  • Design: SoHo, IT

Operation Schematic

HWg-STE Installation

HWg-STE is an Ethernet thermometer (hygrometer) with SNMP and WEB interfaces. The monitoring device can send email alerts if the temperature goes out of a pre-set range.

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