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AKCP Data Centre Monitoring Solutions

Server Room Environments supplies the complete range of AKCP solutions for data centre applications including network-based environmental and security monitoring at the room and server cabinet and rack levels. AKCP platforms include:

AKCP sensorProbe and sensorProbe+

The AKCP sensorProbe and sensorProbe+ monitoring products are ideal for data centre environmental monitoring and can be deployed in other critical applications including warehouse temperature monitoring, cold storage temperature monitoring, fuel and generator and remote site monitoring applications.

The AKCP sensorProbe+ series offers additional features to the sensorProbe. The sensorProbe+ is compatible with more sensors such as the NIST2 and NIST3 sensors, the in line power meter, cabinet thermal maps, BATTMON and fuel level sensors. The sensorProbe+ also has a Modbus port, can be customised with 4/8/12/16 sensor ports, have dry contacts added in modules of 10/20, can have an internal UPS, 4G cellular modem and mini relays. The sensorProbe+ also has an expansion bus allowing more modules to be added. sensorProbe+ runs a HTML5 web UI and has virtual software sensors for monitoring third party devices. sensorProbe+ can run SNMPv3, radius and VPN.

AKCP securityProbe

The AKCP securityProbe products are advanced remote environmental sensor monitoring devices for controlling access to secure spaces, racks and server cabinets.

AKCP Wireless Sensor Gateways

AKCP’s Wireless Tunnel Gateways (WTG) collects data from up to 30 AKCP Wireless Tunnel Sensors over a wireless network. Data can be viewed via an embedded Web user-interface (UI) or consolidated from multiple gateway devices into the AKCPro Server software.

The Wireless Tunnel Gateway can be used other other applications including solar PV panel and battery usage monitoring with the appropriate sensors installed up to 1kM away.

AKCPro Server Central Monitoring Software

The AKCPro Server software provides infrastructure monitoring from individual racks to complete buildings and over wide geographic areas. Third-party devices can be integrated into the software platform via Modbus, SNMP and ONVIF compatible IP cameras.

AKCPro can be used to monitor all AKCP base unit products and their attached sensors using a local area network (LAN) or wide area network (LAN). Remote site communication over a GSM modem is also possible via a VPN connection.

For more information on AKCP data centre monitoring solutions please contact our projects team.