Industrial Data Loggers

Our industrial data loggers and data acquisition systems are designed to monitor a range of digital and analogue inputs and outputs and provide data logging capabilities for system and building automation and control. Each data logging device has its own unique configuration and capabilities allowing remote equipment monitoring and control including industrial applications, UPS system, energy consumption meters, alarm, security and surveillance systems. These data loggers are ideal for use in industrial, smart building and Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

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What is an Industrial Data Logger?

An industrial data logging system comprises of a monitoring and data acquisition device and one or more sensors connected to the device. The device automatically records and stores data from the sensors allowing it to be accessed remotely using an appropriate communications protocol. Typical applications include the monitoring power & energy, environmental and process parameters, collecting data on voltage (V), current (I), frequency (Hz), power (kVA and kW), power factor and energy usage (kW), temperature and humidity, power outages and process faults. The data collected can be accessed using an appropriate communications protocol and then validated, documented, measured and analysed over specific time periods.

Damocles and Poseidon2 Data Loggers

The Poseidon2 and Damocles2 data loggers have a built-in interface for IP/Ethernet communications and can be used in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions. The interface allows real time and stored data to be accessed and transmitted using the HWg-Push protocol to an appropriate master station such as the Sensdesk cloud-base portal or third-party systems via the MQTT IO protocol. Data can also be emailed to HWg-PDMS software, where it will be download from a POP3 mailbox or its secured POP3S variant.

The SensDesk portal provides quick dashboard reviews over an HTTPS connection, including mobile devices and can display graphics for up to 3months of measured values. The portal also allows alarm messages to be configured for sending via email or SMS text.

The HWg-PDMS software can be used to collect the measured data and export this to a Microsoft Excel file format for further analysis and inclusion in reports for industry related authorities as in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

The IoT protocol MQTT can also be used to collect data from Poseidon2 and Damocles2 devices via IoT portals set up on Microsoft Azure and similar packages. The MQTT portal allows data logged by the devices to be reported in a cloud portal with data from third-party devices for a comprehensive overview and data logging project.