Water Leakage Detection Systems for Server Rooms and Datacentres

These water leakage detection devices uses highly sensitive sensors to detect liquid presence and can alarm with just a few drops of water or condensation present. The attached sensors can be rinsed with clean water after detection and reused.

Water Leak Detection Cables

Liquid leakage detection in a server room or datacentre environment is as important as temperature and humidity monitoring. There are several potential sources of water, ethylene glycol and other types of conductive liquids in an IT environment including:

  • Leaks from air conditioning systems and drip trays
  • Condensation forming due to high humidity
  • Water and liquid-based cooling systems
  • Chilled water and refrigerant piping
  • Liquid cooled server racks
  • Natural underground water sources
  • Building plumbing and heating systems
  • Fire suppression sprinkler systems
  • Diesel fuel tanks and wet-cell batteries

A liquid build-up can take some time before it becomes excessive but even the smallest amount can lead to potentially disastrous consequences and downtime. Water leakage can lead to electrical and electronic equipment short-circuits and fires within the facility, as well as corrosion and electric shocks.

Server Room Environments supplies a range of environment monitors with water leakage detection cable sensors (from 2-50m in length) and dedicated water leakage detection systems. These can be connected to local IP networks via RJ-45 cable or Wi-Fi and connect to the SensDesk IoT monitoring portal for remote alarm monitoring and alert scripts. Alarms can be issued via email or SMS to distribution lists. The leakage detection sensors are extremely sensitive and can activate alarms messages from very small amounts of liquid or water droplets.