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Temperature and Environment Monitoring

Continuous temperature and environment monitoring is critical to resilient IT operations including computer rooms, server rooms and datacentres. This is due in part to the higher power capacities of modern servers, their heat outputs and housing within server racks. Temperatures can rise slowly over time leading to erratic operation and intermittent errors or rise rapidly leading to catastrophic failures.

In addition to temperature monitoring critical IT environments face other threats that could disrupt their operations including power, humidity, flood, smoke, air flow and room entry. AVTECH therefore suppliers a range of products and sensors and solutions that can be used to detect these and issues alerts.

Room Alert is the hardware solution and provides access to Room Alert accounts that can be accessed from any mobile or internet connected device to monitor, log, graph, map, report, protect and issue alerts. The Room Alert hardware products are designed to monitor a range of temperature and environmental factors including:

  • Digital Temperature
  • Digital Humidity
  • Heat Index (Feels Like)
  • Dew Point
  • Main / UPS Power
  • Power Current (Amps)
  • Active Power & Temperature
  • Flood / Water Cable
  • Flood / Water Spot
  • Flood Protection Kit
  • Smoke / Fire
  • Motion
  • Room / Door Entry
  • Air Flow
  • Analog Sensors
  • Relay Switches
  • Network Cameras
  • Light Towers & More

Device ManageR is an auto-discovery software package that can discover Room Alert devices on an IP network, and then log and graph sensor data, issue alerts when environmental and monitoring thresholds are breached and can provide reports and automated responses.

AVTECH UK Distributors and Resellers

Server Room Environments are resellers of AVTECH monitoring solutions which can be bought online and supplied as part of a project with full design, installation and ongoing support.

For more information on AVTECH monitoring solutions please contact our projects team.

Replacement Products

From time to time Avtech upgrades its product range and some models become obsolete and are replaced.

Discontinued Model Replacement Model
Room Alert 4E Room Alert 12S
Room Alert 4ER Room Alert 12SR

Please contact our Projects Team for more information.