Mobile GSM Environment Monitors

Mobile GSM environment monitors for the monitoring and control of rooms and remote sites when an Ethernet network connection is not available. Event triggered alarms lead to alerts being sent via mobile SMS text message and email or the dialling of a stored telephone numbers. The devices can be installed with a range of plug-in sensors to allow the monitoring devices to monitor and control several environmental aspects including temperature and humidity.

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How to Issue GSM SMS Text Alerts from Monitoring Device Alarms

GSM is an abbreviation for Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) and is a standard developed by the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) to describe the protocols required for digital cellular networks used by mobile phones, tablets and portable computing devices.

Some of the environment monitoring devices supplied by Server Room Environments can be configured to issue SMS text alerts when an alarm condition occurs. The alarm condition is dependent upon the sensor and/or detector connected to the monitoring device and could include temperature, humidity, water leakage, smoke, fire and physical security issues.

  1. Environment Monitors with built-in GSM Feature: the ARES products are designed for remote applications that require monitoring using one of several plug-in sensors and detectors. When detected data is outside of a pre-set threshold the ARES device will generate an alarm and send this over a GSM network via a plug-in SIM card. The devices have an internal battery and can connect up to three sensors and two dry contacts. The data can also be sent to the SensDesk Cloud portal. ARES devices do not have Ethernet/IP connectivity.
  2. SMS Gateway: some environment monitoring devices connected to an Ethernet/IP network (whether hardwired via an RJ-45 cable or via Wi-Fi) can connect to an SMS Gateway device. The SMS Gateway incorporates GSM technology from the ARES devices and uses plug-in SIM card. One or more monitoring devices on the same Ethernet/IP network can connect to a single SMS Gateway provided they are on the same network.
  3. Cloud Portals: for monitoring devices connected to a Cloud portal such as SensDesk or Device ManageR an email alert can be configured which is sent to separate ‘Email-to-SMS Text’ service provided by a third-party. The service is chargeable either monthly or monthly plus the cost of the SMS texts issued. For more information see: which offers SMS bundle packages and a cost per text message. Within the SensDesk or Device ManagerR Cloud portal you set an mobile email address for alarms as and when an alarm is issued, the set mobile number will receive the alarm message via the AQL platform.

For more information please contact our projects team who can advise on the right environment monitoring and GSM device for your application, including hardware, software, installation and configuration.