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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Have you got any questions? Hopefully we'll answer them all here.

Simply type into the FAQ search box a word relating to what you want more information on, such as a product type, printing method, material or service option and we will search our FAQ database for related information and answers.

Alternatively please scroll down the page and click any of the product or service categories to see the related FAQs we have provided answers to.

Access Security

Access security, access control and CCTV systems used to secure datacentre buildings and server rooms.

Air Conditioner Repairs

Air conditioner repairs and cooling system faults in server rooms and datacentre environments.

Air Conditioning Regulations

Air conditioning regulations and the use of air conditioner units in server rooms and datacentre environments.

Airflow Management

Airflow management tips and FAQs covering server racks, cabinets, server rooms and datacentre environments.

Airflow Monitoring

Information on how to monitor the airflow from air conditioning systems used in critical IT spaces and what this could indicate.

Battery Health Monitoring

Information on sensor base product solutions, plug-in sensors, wireless gateways and data centre monitoring software.

Battery Installations

Battery installation questions including uninterruptible power supplies, energy storage systems, emergency lighting and generator starter batteries.

Business Continuity Plans

Business continuity and disaster recovery planning for critical infrastructure systems.


Common questions about UPS systems for CCTV applications including how to choose the best UPS technology and backup time.

Colocation Data Centres

Information on colocation data centre equipment including bespoke manufactured server racks and cabinets, monitoring and backup power supplies.

Computer Room UPS

How to design and manage a computer room in order to provide a secure and managed environment for critical IT networks and servers.

Containment Aisles

Hot and cold aisle containment systems used to cool low and high density server racks.

Cooling Systems

The types of cooling systems used to cool server rooms and datacentre environments including air-based and liquid cooled, wall and ceiling mounted, in-row and computer room air conditioners (CRACs) and computer room air handlers (CRAHs).

Data Acquisition

Data acquisition FAQs, information and answers to commonly asked questions relating to data logging, data acquisition and industrial building automation.

Data Centre Audit

Data centre audit and consultancy service related questions for server rooms and datacentre environments.

Data Centre Consultants

Datacentre consultancy services including audits, design, plans, refurbishments and migration projects.

Data Centre Digital Twin

Data centre digital twin information including definition, usage and general informaton on their usage in server rooms and data centres.

Data Centre Maintenance Services

Data centre maintenance services to keep critical infrastructure systems in server rooms and data halls available.

Data Centre Migrations

Server room and data centre migration service to new on-premise or Cloud facilities.

Data Centre Monitoring

Information on sensor base product solutions, plug-in sensors, wireless gateways and data centre monitoring software.

Data Centre Solutions

Datacentre solutions including design, installation, refurbishment and maintenance for UPS systems, cooling and fire suppression systems.

Data Centre UPS Systems

Data centre uninterruptible power supplies including monoblock and modular UPS systems and how to size and install them in a datacentre environment.

DC Power Supplies

Typical questions on DC power supplies and DC UPS covering the products and solutions we supply.

Design & Build

The design and build services including comment on the key topics of power, cooling, energy efficiency and security.

Edge Computing

Edge Computing application notes and information on the systems supplied by Server Room Environments including standard and bespoke solutions.

Electric Vehicle Chargers

Typical questions and answers around the installation and use of electric vehicle (EV) chargers installed for EV drivers to use to charge their vehicle batteries at work and their own homes.

Electrical Works

Electrical contracting services and electrical works to build and fit-out server rooms and datacentre environments.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting systems used to provide backup lighting from stored battery energy during power outages for computer rooms, server rooms and datacentres buildings.

Energy Efficiency

Commone questions on energy efficiency and and how to reduce operational costs in server rooms and data centre environments.

Energy Metering

Energy metering for server rooms, data centres and other building circuits.

Energy Storage

Energy storage and how it can be used to provide backup power, grid independency and reduce energy costs.

Environment Detectors

Information on the detectors used with environment monitoring solutions.

Environment Monitoring

How to monitor temperature, humidity, water ingress, fire and smoke within server rooms and datacentre environments.

Environment Monitoring (AKCP)

A set of frequently asked questions for the AKCP sensorProbe+ range of hardwired and wireless environment monitoring devices.

Environment Monitoring (Avtech Room Alert)

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) on Avtech Room Alert products used to monitor temperature & humidity and other environmental factors.

Environment Sensors

Information on sensor types used in environmental monitoring systems for a range of room and building applications.

Extended Runtime UPS

Information on extended battery runtime applications including battery recharge times, battery installations and warranties.

Fire Suppression

The design, installation and maintenance of fire protection systems for server rooms or and datacentre environments.

Fire Suppression Trays (Rackmount)

The design, installation and maintenance of rackmount fire protection system trays for server racks and server cabinets.

Floors & Ceilings

Raised access floors and suspended ceiling systems for critical IT environments including floor loading calculations and the use of bespoke plinths.

Generator Services

Generator service related questions covering sizing for UPS systems and the need for regular service and maintenance.

Hire & Rental

Hire and rental questions for uninterruptible power systems and temporary air conditioning units.

Industrial UPS

Information on industrial UPS designed for harsh electrical environments including 6-Pulse and 12-Pulse rectifiers, IGBT-based inverters and industrial battery technologies.

IP Power Switches

A selection of the most commonly asked questions abour remote reboot IP power switches and their use and features.

IT Room Cleaning

Deep IT room cleaning services and how they can be used to clean and protect server rooms and datacentre environments.

IT Room Moves

IT room moves and relocations of critical systems including servers, UPS systems, generators, server racks and cooling solutions.

KVM Switches

KVM Switch FAQs, information and answers to commonly asked questions relating to KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches used to manage IT networks.

Line Interactive UPS

Line interactive UPS information including form factors, power protection levels, battery runtimes and communications features.

Lithium-ion UPS Batteries

Information on uninterruptible power supplies fitted with lithium-ion batteries and referred to as Lithium-ion UPS or Li-ion UPS systems.

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing which may be used to load-up critical power and cooling systems for commissioning, acceptance testing and preventative maintenance.

Low Voltage Switchboards

Low voltage (LV) switchboard, switchgear and sub-distribution panel related information including their design, installation and maintenance.

Micro Data Centres

Micro data centre related questions including complete systems and their design components, operation and maintenance.

Modular Containers

Modular datacentres and the systems they can be fitted-out with including power protection, UPS, generators, cooling, server racks, lighting, security and fire suppression systems.

Modular UPS

Information on modular UPS systems including sizing UPS modules and frame sizes, front panel displays, sleep modes and energy efficiency.

Monitoring Software Communications Protocols

Software monitoring communications protocols related information covering a range of protocols used to communicate between networked devices and servers including UPS systems, air conditioners, DCIM and temperature monitoring & control devices.

Narrowband NB-IoT Sensors

Narrowband NB-IoT sensors and devices for use with IT servers and remote environments.

Network Bridgers and Routers

General information and technical advice on network bridger and network routers are and how they are used in local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).

Network Cabling

Structured cabling for IP networks and individual communications cable related questions.

Network IP Cameras

Information on IP and network cameras used to monitor computer rooms, server rooms, remote buildings and data centres.

Network Server UPS

How to select and install the right network server UPS installation including battery sizing, UPS communications interfaces, accessories and battery runtimes.

Network Switches

General information and technical advice on network switches, what they are and how they are used in IT networks including managed and unmanaged switches.

Networking and Storage Devices

General information and technical advice on IT networking devices including network switches, wireless access gateways and wireless access points and their use in LANs and WANs.

On-line UPS

On-line UPS information from single and three phase to monoblock and modular uninterruptible power supplies, battery runtimes, options and accessories.

Power Circuit Monitoring

Power circuit monitoring for server rooms, data centres and other building circuits where you want to measure and record power parameters.

Power Distribution

Power distribution unit (PDU) related information including basic, metered, smart, switched and intelligent types.

Power Generation

Power generation information including electricity generation, transmission and distribution and the use of standby power generators.

Power Monitoring

Information on power monitoring within a server room or datacentre including mains, generator, battery, energy storage and UPS systems.

Power Protection

Power protection information including how to design a secure power protection plan using uninterruptible power systems, generators and power distribution units.

Power Splitters

Information on power splitter boxes used to distribute power to connected loads in server racks and cabinets including input power ratings, outlet socket types and power distribution arrangements.

Project Control

Project control and management system information provided by our project managers.

Rack LCD Consoles

Rack LCD Switch FAQs, information and answers to commonly asked questions when buying and installing LCD consoles.

Rackmount UPS

Information on rackmount UPS systems including U height and depth sizes, battery trays, slides and accessories used in server rack installations.

Racks & Cabinets

Server racks and cabinets related questions including free standing, wall mounted, acoustic and outdoor weatherproof enclosures.

Recycling & Disposal

Recycling and disposal services for complete systems, consumables and infrastructure hardware.


Questions on refurbishment services for critical systems and complete IT facilities.

Remote and Smart Hands

Information on the remote and smart hand services for server rooms and data centres.

Remote Power Reboots

Information on how to remotely reboot and power cycle critical IT devices using remote IP controlled reboot power switches.

Room Integrity Testing

Information on datacentre and server room integrity testing services and techniques.

Room Monitoring

Environmental and room monitoring including temperature, humidity and water for server racks and complete IT network rooms.

Security Control Room UPS

Common questions about UPS systems for security control room applications including how to select and size the right uninterruptible power supply.

Serial to IP Converters

Information and FAQ answers to questions on serial to IP converters used within IT network monitoring and device connection applications.

Server Cabinets

A guide to selecting server cabinets with some of the most important FAQs covering how to size a cabinet width, depth and height, typical colour and door options, delivery times, accessories available, installation questions to help ensure a cabinet can be delivered and installed easily, and some of the protection systems available.

Server Rooms

Information and answers to commonly asked questions about server rooms and data centres including critical infrastructure systems.

Service Contracts

Service contracts and maintenance cover plans for critical infrastructure systems in server rooms and datacentres.

Single Phase UPS Systems

Information on single phase UPS systems ranging from desktop to tower and rackmount systems used to protect IT and servers from power outages.

Site Surveys

Site surveys for UPS systems, cooling solutions, fire suppression and the other types of solutions supplied by Server Room Environments.

Small Office UPS

The types of UPS systems suitable for small offices and home office worker IT networks and applications including desktop and tower systems.

Smart Power Devices

Smart power devices and sockets used to monitor and control power and energy metering over an IP/LAN or WiFi network.

SMS Text Messaging

Ways to send SMS text messages using to a mobile phone list when there is an alert alarm generated by an environment monitoring device.

Standby UPS

Standby/Off-line UPS information including formats, battery runtime calculation, features and power protection levels.

Technical Support

Technical support and services related questions including inside 24/7 365 and inside working and outside working hours.

Temperature Monitoring

Information and guides on server room temperature monitoring solutions including network connections and sensors.

Thermal Camera Surveys

The use of thermal cameras to survey server room and datacentre systems including those used for critical power and cooling.

Three Phase UPS Systems

Three phase UPS system information for the design of secure power protection plans for server rooms, datacentre and industrial applications.

UPS Batteries

UPS batteries used for backup power and long duration runtimes in server room and datacentre for power protection.

UPS Installations

UPS installations and the services required to install an uninterruptible power supply in a server rooms and datacentre environment.

UPS Maintenance

UPS preventative maintenance services, ups maintenance contracts and testing from small single phase to large three phase UPS systems.

UPS Sizes - 1kVA

Typical questions clients ask before buying a 1kVA UPS (1000VA uninterruptible power supply) to protect their computers, server rooms and IT networks. A 1kVA UPS may also be refered to as a 1kW UPS (1000W) if the UPS is rated at unity power factor.

UPS Sizes - 2kVA

Typical questions clients ask before buying a 2kVA UPS (2000VA uninterruptible power supply) to protect their computers, server rooms and IT networks. A 2kVA UPS may also be refered to as a 2kW UPS (2000W) if the UPS is rated at unity power factor.

UPS Sizes - 3kVA

Typical questions clients ask before buying a 3kVA UPS (3000VA uninterruptible power supply) to protect their computers, server rooms and IT networks. A 3kVA UPS may also be refered to as a 3kW UPS (3000W) if the UPS is rated at unity power factor.

UPS Sizes - 500VA UPS

Typical questions clients ask before buying a 500VA UPS (500W uninterruptible power supply) to protect their computers, server rooms and IT networks.

UPS Systems

Power protection systems including off-line standby, line interactive, on-line, tower, rack mount and modular uninterruptible power supplies used to protect critical servers and IT systems.

UPS Technologies

The three types of UPS topology defined in BS EN 62040-3 including Standby/Off-line, Line Interactive and on-line uninterruptible power supplies.

Wireless Access Points

General information and technical advice on wireless access points and wireless networking products.

Wireless Gateways

Information and advice on wireless gateways and wireless access points including technologies, protocols and installation information.

Wireless Sensors

Information and advice on analogue wireless sensors used in environment monitoring installations in computer server rooms, data centres, warehouses, offices, retail outlets and laboratories.