FAQs - SMS Text Messaging

Ways to send SMS text messages using to a mobile phone list when there is an alert alarm generated by an environment monitoring device.

When you need both email and SMS text alerts there may be several ways to do this. Most environment monitors will have an Ethernet/IP connection for a local area network. This allows their associated monitoring software packages to ‘monitor’ the devices and issue email alerts when an alarm condition arises. SMS text alerts may be generated by the software linking to an ‘email to SMS’ text service. This assumes that the environment monitor hardware does not have a built-in GSM SIM card holder via which it can issue a text. For some products it is also possible to put an SMS-Gateway device onto an Ethernet/IP network. The SMS-Gateway can be used by any compatible device on the network to issue an SMS text alert as required.

We do not generally supply SIM cards for hardware based SMS gateways and recommend that clients take out a monthly contract or use a pay-as-you-go SIM. This us due to the fact that we ship worldwide and it is always best for the client to deal direct with their own mobile SIM network partner.

The SMS gateways we supply do not have a built-in battery and therefore will require backup power protection from a UPS system when the mains power supply fails.

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