FAQs - Room Integrity Testing

Information on datacentre and server room integrity testing services and techniques.

Datacentres and Server Rooms typically have fire suppression systems. A room integrity test is a type of air tightness test to ensure that the room can retain an effective concentration of the fire suppression agent within the system to put a fire out.

Our projects team will generate a complete report from the results, including any works required and send this to the client electronically within 24 hours. The report provides a complete set of results, observations and any remedial works such as sealing, required including material and labour costs.

A pressure relief vent (PRV) is used to ensure a room is not over pressurised if the fire suppression system activates during the test and releases its clean agent. Without a pressure relief vent, an over-pressurisation could occur which can lead to damage to the building and room structure and any equipment within the room. The PRV automatically opens its blades when a sensor circuit sees an overpressure situation.

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