FAQs - UPS Maintenance

UPS preventative maintenance services, ups maintenance contracts and testing from small single phase to large three phase UPS systems.

Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) is a measure of the average time taken to bring a system back to full operation following a failure.

Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) is a measure of reliability and the average length of operational time between failures. This can be based on monitoring a field population, or calculated for a system based on the known MTBF values of its components to a defined process and standard.

A UPS maintenance bypass switch or panel is a bypass supply which is used to power the load during maintenance and which may be internal or external to the device. It is also known as a bypass panel or wrap-around bypass.

A UPS Make-Before-Break (MBB) Bypass is a bypass that makes contact between the primary (UPS output) and secondary (bypass supply) power sources before transferring the load. The bypass switch may be built-into an uninterruptible power supply or installed as a separate and external wrap-around bypass switch. The device helps isolate the UPS for maintenance without interruption to the connected critical loads.

Engineer Response Time is the speed of response specified within a UPS maintenance plan or Service Level Agreement (SLA) for an engineer to attend site.

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