FAQs - IT Room Moves

IT room moves and relocations of critical systems including servers, UPS systems, generators, server racks and cooling solutions.

We provide complete insurance during removal and relocation. We work with a specialist logistics company to ensure your critical and sensitive IT systems are safely packed and transported and unpacked and installed at their new location.

Our specialist team can move your computer room and IT servers to an external location or internally within your building. As part of our services we can provide new data cabling and labelling as well as the installation and roll-out of new equipment.

We provide a complete UPS removals service including UPS decommissioning, electrical disconnection and battery pack disassembly. It is very important to make sure the battery circuit is open/broken when moving a battery pack. If the batteries inside are connected, they can discharge if the battery pack terminals are touched or make contact with a metal surface. Once safe to move, our logistics team can then transport decommissioned UPS to its new location where we can reconnect and recommission, ready for use. Our specialist logistics team can provide protective floor coverings, pallets, stair-climbs and lifts and hoists. Every care is taken to prevent damage to the equipment being moved and its surroundings.

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