FAQs - KVM Switches

KVM Switch FAQs, information and answers to commonly asked questions relating to KVM (Keyboard Video Mouse) switches used to manage IT networks.

KVM stands for Keyboard Video Mouse. A KVM switch integrates these separate devices into an easy to install, (typically 1U high) rack mount device for installation into a serve cabinet. A KVM switch provides an easy way to monitor and control of multiple servers and computers within an IT network.

OSD stands for On Screen Display. OSD is a KVM switch function that allows switching between connected servers and computers via a ‘pop-up’ menu. Using unique names for each of the connected devices makes selection easy and reduce the chances of selecting an incorrect device.

Suitable KVM switches can be connected for scalability to increase capacity when further servers and computers are added to an IT network. Please check the individual features of each KVM switch to confirm if the device is suitable for cascading.

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