FAQs - Modular UPS

Information on modular UPS systems including sizing UPS modules and frame sizes, front panel displays, sleep modes and energy efficiency.

Monoblock are fixed capacity uninterruptible power systems. To scale or add N+X resilience, another monoblock UPS must be installed i.e. 2 × 100kVA to give 100kV N+1 or 200kVA capacity. With a modular UPS, an additional UPS module can be added to a UPS frame to provide N+1 redundancy or increase the power capacity up to the maximum number of UPS modules that can be housed by the frame. The modular UPS system can be expanded further by adding another UPS frame.

Modular uninterruptible power supplies include a static bypass switch either built-into each UPS module, referred to as a decentralised approach or into the UPS frame and referred to as a centralised bypass arrangement. The UPS frame may also include a centralised maintenance bypass or an external maintenance bypass switch may be installed with the UPS system.

Some smaller modular uninterruptible power supplies include space within their UPS frames for plug-in batteries. The alternative is to install the batteries in a separate battery cabinet or on a battery stand.

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